How To Remove A Fortnite IP Ban & Get Unbanned? (2022)

Fortnite bans can be due to VPN usage or cheating

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game that is massively popular. Sometimes though, a player’s gaming experience can be marred by a Fortnite IP ban. There can be a number of reasons behind a Fortnite ban. Mostly Fortnite bans are applied to players that are caught cheating or violating the Epic Games Terms Of Use in some form. This can be quite disconcerting for players that just want to enjoy their favorite battle royale game without interruptions. So, let us look at how to remove the Fortnite IP Ban in 2022?

How to Remove Your Fortnite IP Ban?



Fortnite discourages the use of VPN or proxy services for its players. However, those looking to remove the Fortnite IP Ban will need to use VPN to do so. The only way to work around an IP ban is through a new Fortnite IP address. There are a couple of things that players should keep in mind while opting for a VPN.

  • Choose a reputed and trustable VPN provider that can function well for players.
  • Choose a VPN that gives a fast connection speed while also ensuring security and performance. In addition, players need to check that their VPN supports gaming.
  • Another important point to consider is that the VPN offers Cross-platform support as Fortnite is a Cross-platform game.


How To Use VPN To Remove A Fortnite IP Ban?

After choosing a VPN, players can sign up and download it. After completing installation, players can open the VPN and connect to their desired server. For those facing a Fortnite IP Ban, a VPN server with good connectivity should do the trick. In addition, players can also choose to connect with a server from another country. Both of these should allow players to go around their IP ban and play Fortnite. However, players should exercise caution when using a VPN to go around a  IP ban. In case players are detected while using a VPN they may face stricter bans in Fortnite.

That is everything that players need to know about how to remove your Fortnite IP ban. For more Fortnite content, check out Who Is The Bus Driver In Fortnite?



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