AFK Arena: The Burning Woods Guide (Peaks Of Time Chapter 13)

The Burning Woods is the thirteenth chapter in AFK Arena's Peaks Of Time. In this AFK Arena guide learn how to get through the Burning Woods.

Peaks of Times are brief, fun, and mini-adventures that reward you with useful items, mainly powerful artifacts, and treasure chests when completed. The Burning Wood in AFK Arena is the latest chapter in the POT realm & kudos to you for successfully unlocking it. However, you’re lost or confused about how to clear the 13th map, aren’t you? Then, to ensure that you pass the chapter, stick with this guide until the end.

AFK Arena – The Burning Woods

You’ll need to make 2 runs to clear this AFK Arena POT map. Upon taking down the enemies & finishing the Burning Woods you will be awarded many useful resources.The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you to understand how.

Run 1 – Ezizh & Silvina

To complete the first run follow the below steps:

Step 1: Once you’ve finished using the first fire altar, you’ll have to battle your way through the camps. You will have the opportunity to battle the camp later on, at the left end of the map, so don’t waste the Water Alter power just yet.

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Follow the directions in the image below, collect the relics to support you when fighting the boss in the end. However, simply restart chapter 13  in case you encounter bad relics to save time.


Step 2: Further, get the advice at the camp as unlike mercenaries here you won’t be getting any extra hero. Now head towards the stone where you will see the Ezizh Level 300 waiting. Start the fight and if needed clear off the extra camps for more relics. When the battle is over, the top Fire altar will be triggered, and Ira will disappear.The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena

Step 3: Return to the start point and use the Water altar to put out the fire and reveal the majority of the map, which is scattered with golden chests and relics. Except for the boss battle, begin fighting every potential camp to collect as many relics as possible.The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena-(1)-(1)

Step 4: Now use the Fire altar, followed by the Water altar, and run back again to gather all of the remaining camps and relics in preparation for your run’s boss battle.The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena-(1)-(1)

Step 5: After making sure you have sufficient relics comes the boss battle which is pretty manageable with Ezizh & Silvina by your side. They help in knocking down the enemies while also makes sure your squad stays alive. For healing take help of the Rowan & Nemora.The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena-(1)-(1)-(1)

The boss battle is over, the treasure chest, i.e. the Crystal chest, has been collected, and the first run has been completed successfully. Now it’s time for the second run of The Burning Woods in AFK Arena.

Run 2 – Athalia & Lucius

To start the second and final run of the Burning Woods in AFK Arena, restart the realm. In the second run, you will be taking the opposite route. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: After the fight takes the same route as in Run 1 but don’t fight Ezizh on the portal. Return to the Fire altar at the beginning & unlock the route that will lead you to the Ira. The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena-(1)-(1)-(1)

The reason for using the Fire altar in the beginning itself is to gather as many relics as possible for additional support during the boss fight with Athalia.

Step 2: Go to Ira’s camp, step on it & you will unlock a portal on the island with a second boss fight. Open the portal immediately to prevent Ira’s escape however make sure to not use it just yet for additional relics.

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Repeat step 2 to step 4 of the first portal to collect all the relics & finally portal will take you to the island with the second boss battle. The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena (2) (1)

Step 3: Finally, the second and final boss battle of the Burning Woods chapter in AFK Arena has started. If the battle becomes too difficult to handle, repeat the second route and bring Firebringer and Icebringer to stop Athalia from cleaning out your squad. The-Burning-Woods-Afk-Arena

That’s it! This is how to complete the Burning Woods in AFK Arena.