AFK Arena Peggy – Faction, Type, Class, Role, Skills & More

Here's what you need to know about Peggy, the newest addition to the lightbearer hero roster in AFK Arena.

The developers of the classic turn-based RPG title just released a new character, and you’re probably wondering if she’s interesting and worth your attention. This post will discuss everything about AFK Arena Peggy to make the best possible judgment, so make sure you stay with me till the end.


Peggy is a brand-new playable character that has been introduced to the game’s already extensive pool providing players with more options. The players have been excited about discovering AFK Arena Peggy since they first heard about her. So, let me help you get acquainted with her.

  • Full Name – Peggy: The Precious Pearl
  • Lore – The Anthology of Esperian Fairytales “Little Rascal’s Adventures” Chapter 10
  • Released Date – 30 March 2021
  • Class – Support
  • Faction – Lightbearers
  • Role – Regen
  • Type – Intelligence
  • Bountiful Trail – See the image given below
    AFK-ARENA-PEGGYImage Source: AFK Arena

AFK Arena Peggy Skills

Here’s the rundown of all Peggy’s Skills which you must be familiar with.

1. Duty Bound

Duty Bound skills of Peggy are explained below:

Active Skill – Two guards accompany Peggy and each possesses 80% of her characteristics. During enemy attacks, guards defend her, and Peggy’s movements often prioritize the rear-center allied side of the battlefield. The guards flee the battlefield the moment Peggy is killed.

Passive Skill – When Ultimate ability is in use, the guard’s haste increases by 5 points & defense rate by 100% which lasts for 12 secs. When this ability is used in the absence of guards on the battlefield, Peggy summons one guard, who uses his shield to take down any enemies in his lane, throwing them into the air and dealing damage 350 % which is equal to the guard’s Attack Rating while also stunning them for 3 seconds.

  • Level 81 – Guard possesses 80% of Peggy’s traits.
  • Level 161 – Guard possesses 120% of Peggy’s traits.

2. Royal Scroll

Peggy uses a magic scroll to heal her guards and one non-summoned ally for 220 % of her Attack Rating.

  • Level 21 –  Amount of health recovered equals 250% of Peggy’s Attack Rating.
  • Level 101 – Amount of health recovered equals 280% of Peggy’s Attack Rating.
  • Level 181 – Peggy’s scroll can heal 2 allied heroes.

3. Royal Guards

Peggy’s guard builds a shield around himself and the closest non-summoned ally for 8 secs with a value equal to 20% of the guard’s own health.

  • Level 121 – Peggy’s guard attacks the enemy in front of him with his weapon for 180 % damage and uses his shield to knock them into the air, stunning them for 2.5 seconds and dealing a further 230 %.
  • Level 201 – Peggy’s guard attacks the enemy in front of him with his weapon for 230 % damage and uses his shield to knock them into the air, stunning them for 3.1 seconds and dealing a further 280 %.

4. Royal Marksmen

Peggy summons 5 Marksmen to fire a Salvo at the enemy nearest to her. Each marksmen deals 70% damage thereby lessening the target’s accuracy by 10 points and haste by 10 points for 7 secs.

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Marksmen can miss their shots in situations when the target resides on the enemy side of the battlefield. Marksmen have a higher risk of losing their shots, at a limit of 30% depending on how far away the enemy is.

  • Level 141- Damage of each Marksman increases by 80%
  • Level 221- Damage of each Marksman increases by 90%


  • AFK Arena Peggy’s signature item is a Gorgeous Conch. This beautiful multi-colored conch is a piece of evidence of Princess Peggy’s alliance with Raku, and it is also used to summon her royal guards.
  • Per 8 seconds, Guards’ Attack Ratings increase by 12%, and Dodge rating increase by 25%. Attributes can only be enhanced twice.

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  • +10 Unlocks – Per 6 seconds, Guards’ Attack Ratings increases by 15%, and Dodge Ratings increases by 30%.
  • +20 Unlocks – Attributes can only be enhanced thrice.
  • +30 Unlocks – When guards are near Peggy, they become immune to control effects.

Furniture Skill

AFK Arena Peggy’s furniture skill includes frontline reinforcements. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. 3/3

This effect can only be used once per fight. When Peggy’s guards are all defeated, she then summons two more guards to help her.

  • 2. 9/9

When they reach the frontline, both guards earn an 8-second shield that can reduce damage equal to 80% of their maximum health.

Voice Line’s

  • “I’m here to play!”
  • “You’re in trouble now!”
  • “Where are my toys?!”
  • “You don’t wanna pick on me!”
  • “Hooray!”
  • “Hehehe!”
  • “Here you go!”

That’s about it!! You have now completed reading the AFK Arena Peggy walkthrough. You might find the AFK Arena Peggy article helpful.