AFK Arena Twisted Realm & Grotesque Mage 2022 Guide

Patiently follow the article till the end to see how to complete the Twisted Realm andwhat is the role of Grotesque Mage in it.

The Twisted Realm feature is the newest addition to the AFK Arena under the Guild section. The realm is quite essential in procuring a valuable resource called Twisted Essence. This resource will help you upgrade your heroes by improving your Elder Tree branches. Here’s a complete overview of the Twisted Realm as well as the Grotesque Mage hero.

AFK Arena Twisted Realm – 2022

In the realm, you need to battle against the multiple mini-bosses to obtain the Twisted Essence. Upon hitting a Legend rank you earn diamonds for every member present in your guild. For this, the beating stage is 12 till 40. Before diving deep into the topic here’s the basic detail of the realm:

Name The Twisted Realm
Type Building Feature
Location Guild
Unlockable After Campaign stage 12-40

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How Twisted Realm Works?

To understand how Twisted Realm functions and learn how to complete go through the following points:

  • Twisted Realm unlocks 2 times each day
  • You will be positioned on the floor built upon the aggregate values of your 5 heroes. These heroes will be seen standing on the pentagram within Resonating cycle. When you hit the Resonating Crystal Level 240, your floor placement will convert from average level Pentagram heroes to Resonating Crystal levels.
  • You will battle against other players on the same floor to top the leader board.
  • Heroes under the Twisted Realm will be of the same levels however their gears and Ascensions initial levels stay intact.
  • You will be allowed to leverage the mercenaries, dimensional heroes, and heroes under the same Resonating Crystal.
  • Bosses start attacking your heroes and their strength grows as and when your hero loses health.
  • In each Twisted Realm session, you can attack the bosses completely free for the first 5 times. From the 6th time, diamonds need to be spent.
  • You will be allowed to use only 1 mercenary per formation but the good news is it can be used as many times you desire.
  • Your final ranking will be counted based upon the highest dealt damage throughout all bosses challenges and will be shown to you at the end of each season.
  • When the Twisted Realm session ends you will be granted 2 guild and 2 individual rewards e-mails.
  • This is how the Twisted Realm is conducted in AFK Arena.

Best Team

Here’s the list of all the heroes that make the best team in completing the defeating the bosses including Grotesque Mage in Twisted Realm.

Grotesque MageSaurasGrezhulRosaline/RaineLyca/MortasDiamonThe UnhingedBadenSaurasRowanTwinsRosaline

Boss Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4 Hero 5
Burning Brute Sauras Cecilia Twins Rowan Rosaline
Kane Sauras/Talene Rowan Belinda Rosaline Shemira/            Wu Kong
Demonic Entity Shemira Rosaline Rowan Nemora Estrilda
Ice Shemira Ezizh Sauras Rowan Rosaline Raine

Do note Hero 1 & Hero 2 in the above table must be used as a frontline hero.

Grotesque Mage

It generates a phantom that robs the buffs from the enemies and escapes as soon as adequate ultimates have been used by the opponents. Read on for the complete overview of Grotesque Mage – one of the bosses of Twisted Realm.


This boss was previously known as the Master Magician, Gaston, and was created as a result of a failed magic show. The magician’s body strangely vanished during his last show when he struggled to reconnect his head and body.

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Grotesque Mage possesses the following skills:

Electric Spark – It is a type of normal attack. It shoots a lightning bolt neglecting the summons and prioritizes the targets in the order of formations. The skill ends when a certain level is attained of damage is dealt for at least 20 times. This skill reduces the attack power of the target by 7% for 5 secs. Besides, every time a target gets attacked with this skill, his Attack debuff duration is calculated separately.

Electric Plan – After opponents have used ultimates six times, the boss mysteriously disappears from the frontline, effectively ending the war.

Phantom Magic – This ability inflicts destruction to the complete enemy squad while also producing a phantom that eliminates most buffs from them and receives whatever attribute rewards the buffs offered. The phantom’s damage is not counted with the actual total inflicted.

With this, our Twisted Realm and Grotesque Mage guide conclude. You may check other AFK Arena guides here.