AFK Arena Dreamscape (Voyage Of Wonders) Walkthrough

Here’s a detailed guide for the AFK Arena Dreamscape realm in Voyage of Wonders.

AFK Arena is one of the best strategy mobile games with appealing graphics you will ever experience. In this RPG title, you build a powerful team from the in-game hero roster and pave your way to the top. To progress in the game, equip and formulate a strong team that will help you destroy enemies you have to exceed multiple realms in the game.

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The game features a series of restricted Peaks Of Time events called Voyage of Wonders and Dreamscape in AFK Arena is the next realm in the series. The realm is quite joyous with challenging puzzles you will get addicted to. Let’s see how to complete the Dreamscape in AFK Arena and what rewards you will earn.

AFK Arena Dreamscape

Here’s a rundown on the whole concept of the Dreamscape realm in AFK Arena.

1. In a dream, you are required to locate every possible Aspiration spawned throughout the realm map.

2. Upon destroying a camp in the realm each time:

  • Connection tiles vanish
  • Roots start growing quickly
  • Paths get blocked

3. The ultimate way to complete the realm is solving all the lever and cannon puzzle parts strategically in the correct sequence.

4. There’s no possibility of getting stuck in this realm since you can anytime defeat the Nightmare camp right in the middle of the realm and reset the tiles to proceed further.

5. Additionally, in the realm, you will be provided new dimensional heroes as support. These heroes i.e. Joker and Queen are your troops.

Dreamscape Rewards

The rewards you receive upon completing the Dreamscape in AFK Arena include:

  • 10 Faction Emblem Choice Chest
  • 10x Stargazing Cards
  • Yellow & purple emblems
  • Yellow & purple boosters

Dreamscape Walkthrough

The complete walkthrough for the Dreamscape realm in AFK Arena is explained here. Make sure you follow the steps in the given order:

  • Step 1: At the beginning itself you are assisted with two mercenary camps. Tag the Joker and Queen with you in the mission from those mercenary camps.
  • Step 2: Start your dream with the help of a portal and kick start your Dreamscape realm in AFK Arena.
  • Step 3: 9 o’clock is your first path in the realm, battle with the camp and move in the directions given in the below picture. Grab the golden chest and an Aspiration without the use of cannon.afk arena dreamscape (1) (1)afk arena dreamscape (1)
  • Step 4: Next, take the camp at 7 o’clock by using the yellow lever behind it. Resist fighting the camp.
  • Step 5: Move towards the 5 o’clock section for the blue lever and use it to your advantage. The blue lever lowers the bluestone. Repeat step 4 and use the yellow lever to remove the barrel blocking your path. Your path at 9 o’clock unlocks. Head there and use the cannon.

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  • Step 6: Return to section 2 (step 4) and once again use the yellow lever before returning to section 3 (same step) and gather Aspiration and golden chest.
  • Step 7: After collecting rewards and activating the blue lever in section 3 go back to section 2 and use the portal to get to the center of the map.
  • Step 8: Again go back to section 2 and battle with the camp to collect Aspiration and chest behind it.
  • Step 9: Fight with the camp in the island’s center to steal the Strange Golden Egg. This resets all the camps and connection tiles.
  • Step 10: Move to the 2 o’clock path, grab the rewards, and destroy the camp with cannon. Don’t fight the camp next to the cannon.
  • Step 11: Battle with the camp at 11 o’clock and collect the rewards and Aspirations.
  • Step 12: Finally hit the next section at 3 o’clock and collect the last Golden Chest and Aspiration.
  • Step 13: This is your last step to fight the final boss camp. Move to the map’s center and fight the camp to avail Strange Golden Egg. Once you steal the egg final boss camp appears in the middle of the map. Beat the final boss camp and receive the most coveted Crystal Chest.

That’s all on Dreamscape realm of AFK Arena. Hope you succeed in this Voyage of Wonders realm with this guide.