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[NEW] AFK Arena Misty Valley Event Guide

Here’s how to unlock all the rewards of the AFK Arena Misty Valley Guide.

AFK Arena features a 31-day seasonal experience called Misty Valley. This event is frequent and sets up in the Voyage of Wonders. You need to hit Chapter 17 to activate the event. With the event soon going live in AFK Arena, here’s all the information and strategy you’ll need to get delightful prizes.

AFK Arena Misty Valley Guide

Misty Valley event in AFK Arena is a 20-day adventure and each day unlocks 1 event however after completing 20 days all the events are made available at once. There may be few stages in the event quite daunting but we have the best team comps recommendation that works well.
Each stage has a crew of five enemies buffing to your own skill and can be targeted as many times as you wish, but upon unlocking the next stage, the hero restarts with maximum health and zero energy.

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Also, if you get stuck and need some support then you can always ask from the other side in exchange for 100 diamonds but this is allowed only to conclude the stone challenge.

Misty Valley Stage Formation

See the below table to understand the Misty Valley stages formations and requirements in AFK Arena.

Stage Enemy
1 2 3 4 5
1 Raine Estrilda Cecilia Rowan Cecilia
2 Satrana Antranda Safiya Khasos Skraith
3 Tasi Sauras Pippa Lorsan Diamon
4 Thoran Grezhul Kelthur Ferael Nara
5 Izold Torne Silas Diamon Baden
6 Kaz Seirus Gorvo Tasi Pippa
7 Theowyn Thane Flora Talene Wu-Kong
8 Orthros Arthur Khazard Zaphrael Ferael
9 Numisu Warek Brutus Athalia Mortas
10 Oscar Skreg Kren Vurk Cecilia
11 Rigby Fawkes Estrilda Rowan Belinda
12 Tidus Antandra Athalia Skreg Numisu
13 Thoran Wu-Kong Kelthur Ferael Belinda
14 Brutus Ezizh Vurk Tidus Talene
15 Kelthur Iyca Khasos Lucretia Raine
16 Wu-Kong Baden Numisu Grezhul Solise
17 Mezoth Hendrick Arden Ulmus Silas
18 Ezizh Thoran Lorsan Eironn Oden
19 Alns Flora Rosaline Tidus Iyca
20 Estrilda Arthur Hendrick Cecilia Orthros

Misty valley Challenges

Each stage in Misty Valley is integrated with extra 3 challenges which need to be completed. These challenges include:

  • Stone – This challenge demands you to defeat your enemies.
  • Silver – This challenge demands the use of certain Heroes in a faction.
  • Gold – This challenge demands particular Heroes in stage formation or how many times to use the ultimate.
Stage Stone Requirement Silver Requirement Gold Requirement 
1 Defeat Enemies 4 Lightbearers All heroes with the same class
2 Defeat Enemies 4 Maulers Defeat 3 enemies with the same hero
3 Defeat Enemies 4 Wilders No hero dies
4 Defeat Enemies 4 Graveborns Respen – The Windchild, GORVO – THE INDOMITABLE
5 Defeat Enemies 4 Celw/Hypo/Dimen Win within 15 sec
6 Defeat Enemies 4 Lightbearers No Mage/ Support in formation
7 Defeat Enemies 4 Maulers Employ 5 different Hero factions in the team and win
8 Defeat Enemies 4 Wilders Eluard – Protector of Souls, Cecilia
9 Defeat Enemies 4 Graveborns Use ultimate numbers more than 2 times
10 Defeat Enemies 4 Celw/Hypo/Dimen Kill 3 backline enemies
11 Defeat Enemies 4 Lightbearers No one dies
12 Defeat Enemies 4 Maulers Athalia, Silas – The New Graveborn Healer
13 Defeat Enemies 4 Wilders Defeat 3 enemies with the same hero
14 Defeat Enemies 4 Graveborns Win within 15 sec
15 Defeat Enemies 4 Celw/Hypo/Dimen Kill 2 frontline enemies
16 Defeat Enemies 4 Lightbearers Vurk,
17 Defeat Enemies 4 Maulers Employ 5 different Hero factions in the team and win
18 Defeat Enemies 4 Wilders No Warrior/ Ranger in formation
19 Defeat Enemies 4 Graveborns No one dies
20 Defeat Enemies 4 Celw/Hypo/Dimen Use ultimate just 1 time

Misty Valley Rewards

The event offers multiple prizes that can be gathered either on maps or can be taken from the final treasure trove on an island.afk-arena-misty-valley-guide To collect more rewards you must complete the higher chapters in the game.

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Final Verdicts

  • This event is also playable via the Voyage of Wonders menu.
  • Defeat the enemies in Stage 20 if you wish to get teleported to Treasure Trove Island.
  • Conclude all 20 Stages to compile the rewards of the final chest Treasure Trove and conclude chapter 29 for Hero rewards.
  • Resist leveling up the heroes before the event goes live since enemy strength relies upon your strengths.
  • The event is playable only once and cannot be reset.

This is all we got for AFK Arena Misty Valley guide. Stay anchored here for other useful articles on AFK Arena.