AFK Arena Best Mauler Heroes For Building A Strong Party

Here are the best AFK Arena Mauler heroes to consider across all game modes.

This guide seeks to settle the confusion about which AFK Arena hero is worth investing your time. With quite a few resources available in this Gacha-RPG in the free version, it becomes highly essential to include only the right heroes for a longer run.

AFK Arena Mauler Heroes

With the AFK Arena featuring multiple Heroes factions, Mauler has always been the strongest, particularly against the Wilders. I’m here to help you figure out which of the 16 playable powerful heroes in this category is likely to develop a solid team and prove to be effective for you.
In the game you may run along with three types of Mauler heroes:

  1. Purely beast/ Animal type – Wolves, Hawks, Lions, etc.
  2. Half-human half-animal – Safiya And Golus.
  3. Humans with animal characteristics – Human with animal tail and ears.

They are all recognized to deal with raw damage because of their mighty strength and primitive nature. Most of them are aggressive to outsiders, claiming that only the strongest thrive. They are often considered practical and supportive.

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Now you know why the AFK Arena Mauler heroes are highly efficient let’s see which five will bring you a mega +25% attack, +25% HP bonuses.

Finest AFK Arena Mauler Heroes

Below is the table listing the best AFK Arena Mauler heroes each with description, class, type, etc.

Hero Desc Class Role Type Synergy Union Artifact Position
Brutus Brutus is a highly potent DPS with the ability to lead the team. His kit mostly includes an immunity shield, life-leech & damage scaling with low HP. Tank DPS, Tank Strength Agility/Strength heroes Yes Blade, Eye, Grace Front
Skriath Skriath is a mage skilled to manipulate the sand and inflicting AoE damage to enemies. Mage DPS, AoE Intelligence Maulers No Eye, Call, Blade Back
Safiya Safiya is a fire mage equipped to send out deadly orbs to slay her opponents. She can buff troops and debuff attackers as well. Mage DPS (Buffer, Debuffer) Intelligence Eironn Yes Call Back
Skreg Skreg is a rare tank that uses its mount to kick and defeat enemies. Tank Tank (CC) Strength Maulers No Grace, Vitality Front
Khasos Khasos is a ranged/melee hybrid that offers life leech to his companions. Warrior DPS Strength Maulers No Eye, Blade, Conviction Any

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Back-Up Heroes

What if you can’t catch all of the five heroes described in the above list? In those situations, you need to set aside certainly feasible alternatives. Again, for your convenience we are offering you some of the back-up options here:

Hero Desc Class Role Type Synergy Union Artifact Position
Antandra Antandra is a tank hero who is fit to inflict burst damage on the enemies. Tank Tank, Burst Agility Maulers Yes Grace, Vitality, Drape Front
Vurk Vurk is a ranged DPS possessing decent sustain damage, particularly when the attackers are huddled together. Ranger DPS Agility Numisu Yes Eye, Blade, Conviction Back
Numisu Numisu recruits totems to support his allies. Totems can revive his group and distract opponents by teasing and taunting them. Intelligence Support (Heal, Buffer)  – Brutus, Saveas, Vurk Yes Call, Conviction Back

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That’s all we had in store for you. Until next time check our other AFK Arena guides that might help you conquer the game.