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AFK Arena Furniture Tier List (November 2022) To Add Items In Oak Tree

Invest your valuable heroes carefully with the help of the AFK Arena furniture tier list given below.

Adding furniture items to the Oaktree is an essential but difficult activity in the game & offers benefits similar to signature items. The AFK Arena furniture tier list in this article will make your job simpler and supports you in wisely managing your valuable heroes to win the best rewards. Let’s get the AFK Arena furniture tier list started.

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List – November 2022

The furniture is unlocked after the hero has ascended to the oak tree. Only if you have a large number of ascended heroes you can exclude the hero after he reaches 3/3′. The below AFK Arena furniture tier list is ranked from S being best to D being weakest.

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Hero 3/9 9/9 Description
Twins S+ D The 3/9 offers an excellent survival rate. 9/9 even when rarely needed makes a good asset as lust is a useful buff for assisting the hero in surviving difficult situations.
Tasi S+ S Tasi’s survivability is increased to 3/3. 9/9, let her recast the sig debuff to enemies as well as the haste buff to teammates. Her blink cooldowns are also reduced, making her tank far stronger.
Grezhul S+ S+ 3/9 raises shield values significantly and allows them to burst for assured damage and energy drain, which extends to any single skeleton summoned on his 9/9, losing massive energy.
Daimon S+ D Excellent damage multiplier for his elite team off his 3/9, but the 9/9 only raises a small timer and offers allies protection after Daimon dies.
Daimon S+ B 3/9 enables him to stack damage while he suffers damage, which, along with his prevention and self-heal, gives him a meta carry tag; 9/9 assists in timing out of excessive tanky tanks.
Orthos S+ A Quite strong 3/9 & 9/9, when Orthros stays alive, but fairly poor if he ults once or zero, & needs power manipulation per level.
Zolrath S+ S A really irreplaceable 3/9 that can adjust battles by refusing opponents, 9/9 is more on the better side in slower matches that can enable Zolrath to cross the 65-second mark over his reset.
Oden S+ A 3/9 reduces energy by 80% in an AOE, allowing Oden to team up to 5 opponents, and 9/9 applies this effect regularly and increases Oden’s damage by being cast 11 times in a battle without needing an animation.
Skriath S+ C In PvE, his 3/9 pulls and groups 5 opponents, but his 9/9 is difficult to derive benefit from when there are no heroes to trick enemies heading to sites.
Silas S+ S+ Great attack damage & speed buff on attackers that you can rank preference-wise & make them immune to enjoy their useful melee and ranged heroes.
Skreg S+ S+ Very strong battle warping 3/9, which raises damage intensity while decreasing received damage, and 9/9, which drains energy but only to heroes who can attack the opposing end, limiting the number of teams that may take advantage otherwise.
Isabella S+ S The double energy drain is highly effective because it intelligently targets the maximum total energy, but 9/9 is the best alternative.
Talene S S Only a decent upgrade to her ultimate kit at 3/9 and 9/9 by improving her damage and heal power.
Eironn S A Provides better damage & ensures his Sylvan Oath passive that is practically RNG-able. 9/9 is a respectable 15% damage improvement that can technically boost his ceiling.
Ainz S S+ 3/9 allows picked by providing great buff. 9/9 matches up to his Passive to his ult timer.
Alna S S+ Decreases enemy haste on all targets hit & makes any hero on the frontline immune.
Mehira S A Good 3/9. 9/9 for keeping cycles up, good for slow sets.
Lucretia S S Nice 3/9. 9/9 allows her to negotiate more effectively by slowing enemy ults, & rarely changes battles because it’s against a hero like Thoran, great for stets in any case.
Khazard S C The 3/9 has powerful CC, which boosts his survivability and primary game plan. the 9/9 supports in preventing timing out late in wars but has little effect on other fights.
Mezoth S S Amazing 3/9 & 9/9.  Enable Mezoth to stay longer and carry potential in a fight.
Tidus S B 3/9 lets him find and knockdown low healthy enemies. +9/9 is a useless health regen.
Ferael S S+ Haste reduction & stuns on his 3/9. 9/9  allows his ghost arrows to apply the stun to lock down a frontline enemy while applying his regular skill rotation.
Satrana S S 3/9 is the best damage amplification and 100% anti heal with a Lowered timer at 9/9  letting Satrana carry successfully even at high deficits.
Raine S D Really strong bossing 3/9 since it remains on a specific target all the time, 9/9 is average in the campaign but mostly needless. Priorities are fair, but nothing has to be addressed immediately.
QUEEN S B Powerful maintain off the 3/9 that can affect other melee heroes & brings a damage boost at 9/9.
Flora S B 3/9 and 9/9 are just decent upgrades to a good hero. It’s a minor haste buff and debuff, but haste is haste.
Vurk S B 3/9 is a strong damage boost for punishing outsiders distracted by his traps, while 9/9 is a poor upgrade that poisons time.
Theowyn S A Slow but effective furniture for blocking one enemy; with 9/9, Theo can be transformed into a quasi carry rather than just a help for the bottleneck. Really effective against Izold and Orthros.
Wukong S S A versatile collection of furniture that boosts his sustain and damage with time, but has no effect if the remainder of your unit is suffering as he escapes.
Drez S S Both 3/9 and 9/9 are extremely powerful, but they don’t come into effect till after Drez.
Thane S B The furniture boosts his total damage and survivability but is ineffective as opposed to meta carries.
Lorsan D C Furniture is useful in longer battles, which Lorsan prefers to escape because his shield breaks need to be occasional, and putting his shield on every ally shouldn’t alter the outcome of a battle as much as casting his shield on two allies.
Safiya D C 3/9 increased her beginning structure, which normally hasn’t worn out by the time a battle is earned. 9/9 enhances her ult charging time, which is good in quick Eironn sets or towers but other than that weak.
Mortas D D It’s almost worthless furniture, a useless stat stick for a once-in-a-millennium realistic application. This is only about statistics and nothing more.
Baden D C Clones are just about one round, so healing them for 45 percent is almost pointless, but Baden’s ability to resist 6 instances of lethal damage ensures he can get a lot of benefits even though there are just a handful of high-impact abilities.
Fawkes D C 3/9 has almost no use in any battle other than minor Joker synergies. 9/9 is an ult but with less potential on regular attacks.
Ulmus D C His 3/9 shield application is nice, but it needs his backline allies to be melee. His 9/9 shield usage boosts his multiple shields, which can be helpful while attempting to use Ulrnus’ x gear in any manner.
Lucius D C Short-time placements limits & moderate buffs.
Oscar D A 3/9 provides only a modest amount of survivability, while 9/9 is adequate as a damage boost to cycle abilities quicker with a little more burst and movement.
Rowan C D 3/9 is a long-term heal. His 9/9 is the game’s five worst fumes.
Ezio C S 3/9 is helpful in niche situations where he can cleanse CC, but 9/9 is the true advantage since it allows Ezio to arranged followup to other powerful heroes.
Seirus C S Seirus 3/9 is very poor on its own, but in synergistic groups with added spells from allies. 9/9 can get incredibly high value but useless.
Kelthur C A Best to increase his total damage, but hero benefits the maximum value when living with alright within cheese sets for extra burst & cleanup.
Nemora C A 9/9 is a powerful but special counter to particular teams and heroes such as Satrana. 3/9 only self-heals when Nemora is in a risky situation.
Anoki C C Poor protections with decreasing value that normally apply after a battle has already been passed or failed but has some decent synergies with a summons.
Respen C A 2 additional birds have zero effect until 9/9 is established, where the prerequisite to unlock the double stun is still higher but can be utilized successfully with knock-up synergies.
Rosaline C D This is another third-rate stat stick with hardly any use in TR for buffing Shem and has absolutely zero in battle because it just drops teacups.
Shemira C D Ensuring an ult cast at maximum energy is good for TR and Low campaign, but the 9/9 needs Shemira to absorb damage in order to receive some benefit.
Torne C C Okay, the shield that activates when he loses health can be really powerful when it functions because it’s a consistent effect, but it takes a significant investment on Tome to gain some benefit.
Warek C D 3/9 gives an attack buff to grouped enemies, and 9/9 allows attacks unbeatable to grouped enemies, but Warek is only used while he is the only target.
Belinda C C 3/9 is only for Guild Hunt and bossing, while 9/9 suggests Belinda is used incorrectly and not ulting several opponents.
Rigby C D Poor reduction based 3/9 for the worst ally that needs alliance transition to sustain it, 9/9 is normally a benefit more that is difficult to verify on a vulnerable hero.
Thoran B S The 3/9 can pick enemies other than his normal ult radius, which is good for niche cheese units, and the extra 150 energy from the 9/9 means you can spend fewer assets on cheese, which is unnecessary.
Kren B A Good defense on the 3/9 that transforms into better CC on the 9/9 that can support Kren or a friend leap more effectively but rarely wins or loses a battle. It’s a useless stat stick for a once-in-a-millennium realistic application. This is just about numbers and nothing more.
Hendrik B C With limited positioning and a mild defensive buff, it has some decent utility for making Arthur or Izold tank, but it’s too narrow much of the time to justify.
Numisu B A Since totems are normally one shot in the campaign, 3/9 is fairly bad, but 9/9 healing an extra friend has good worth, and higher SI greatly increases the worth of this furniture.
Nakoruru B B It’s successful in sets where Nako isn’t instantly cc’ed because it heals, and with Albedo’s defensive buff, it’s less usual when used combined, however high burst nullifies the whole power.
Eluard B S 3/9 is a good defense for himself so he can finally unlock his 9/9, but it is useless to his allies.
Cecilla B S Okayish 3/9 as it only brings additional stacks just for 9/9 double ult. Well, on the other hand, it’s amazing because Ceclia can be slotted into a unit but difficult to pressure as her damage requires time to scale back.
Khasos B D The .3 makes decent scats that can be employed in towers and strange campaign collections. 9/9 is a nearly worthless power that only contributes half of the 3/9 and is only used for a limited period of time.
Ukyo B B Concept-wise, it’s great because it can stack up to 90% additional damage, but Ukyo’s damage output is inconsistent and he’s more burst dependent, so the stacks don’t help him achieve his main target in a group.
Ezizh A S 3/9 is excellent if Ezizh will survive the initial harm and obtain benefit from the 60% mitigation; 9/9 is also excellent in slower sets but poor if Ezizh is only present as a power generator.
Albedo A C A strong 3/9 minimizes huge damage and shields a carrier to qualify for niche clears, but a 9/9 is difficult to justify in any way because Albedo’s healing of her reduced damage does not make her allies powerful.
Lyca A S+ 3/9 is a minor damage boost with no effect, but 9/9 effectively doubles Lyca’s overall damage output and adds her debuff to all targeted enemies, making it useful in the burst.
Arthur A D Rescuing one ally from serious damage after Arthur ults isn’t a challenging task because he produces energy quickly. 9/9 raising the shield worth later is incredibly weak for the overall spending.
Athalia A B Powerful furn that synergizes well with her +30, not really valuable without this expenditure. The jumps may improve her survival rate, but it’s mainly for implementing universal bleed.
Nara A B Execution is needed to get utility from both of her furniture effects, which is simply too uncommon in the campaign to justify the significant investment.
Zaphrael A S+ Really good 3/9 and 9/9 for instability and survivability, allowing Zaph to successfully follow through on his teleport and live through an ult quite frequently.
Pippa A A Amazing energy drain on her 3/9 if she can survive till the second ult, 9/9 is beneficial for the energy boost and damage gradually stacks up with Pippa orbs and portals but needs Pippa to live for a long period of time.
Gwyneth A C 3/9 brings balance and speed while 9/9 can be used for snowballing, which Gwyn already does well. On a moderate hero, it’s something like a win-win situation.
Saurus A B Aside from the attack on his numbers, good damage reduction for campaign use but almost worthless for TR, a touch over prioritized for 9/9.
Gorvo A B If you can manage the +30 investment, the 3/9 is a great deal, but for the ordinary player, this is a minor survivability improvement that would be hardly visible, which the 9/9 does not improve.
Brutus A C The 3/9 is an excellent upgrade for basic tankieness while the 9/9 is a really poor win option
JOKER A B Wiping himself from CC and forming protection is good, but Joker hardly lives longer than a few hits or gets CC’d, so it’s a less widely used niche that is only somewhat improved by his 9/9.
Antandra A S 3/9 is solid damage reduction, and 9/9 is insanely effective in concept but difficult to execute in certain sets because Antandra has to escape being killed in one or two hits at high setbacks.
Estrilda A D Decent 3/9 for TR, AE & slower attack boosts. 9/9 is just 3/9 for higher investment.
Kaz A A On the 3/9, good damage boost but the normally single target. 9/9 energy drain is okay but not always match-winning on such huge investments. Excellent base furn figures.
Solise A C An inferior flower respawning buff with a minor damage boost. 9/9 necessitates the death of allies and only functions of the frontlines to start with, marking at 2 with no benefit.

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That’s the ultimate AFK Arena Furniture tier list which I hope you found useful and will help you exceed the game amazingly. If you like this AFK Arena furniture tier list then you may also like other tier lists here.