Rusty Lake Hotel Full Walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough to help you complete the adventures of the six rooms in the Rusty Lake Hotel.

Kudos on your willingness to uncover the secrets of the point-and-click adventure, Rusty Lake Hotel. Prepare yourself for an epic tale full of suspense and twists, as well as cracking the most complex brain teasers. With six rooms to explore, each with its own set of mysteries to solve, you’re likely to get stuck at some point. However, if you follow this Rusty Lake Hotel walkthrough until the finish, there will be no disruptions and you will be able to complete the game in one go.

Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough

The purpose of the game is to master all of the recipes to impress your guests. As a result, you’re on a quest to gather all of the ingredients, stars, and hidden specialty products. The game may sound simple and fun at first pass, but there is a catch: to complete your task of gathering ingredients, you must solve puzzles. The puzzles are the game’s backbone and therefore tricky.

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Hence, allow me to guide you through the game with this easy Rusty Lake walkthrough. Since the narratives and experiences take place in different rooms, this guide is divided into six sections for your convenience.

Part 1

Kindly follow the instructions below in the same order to complete the first part of this Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough.

  • In the lobby, Mr. Crow orders you to serve the guest local delights. Take the shrimp cocktails and in the kitchen ask Mr. Toad for the recipe access. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-WALKTHROUGH.jpg
  • In the room, offer the shrimp cocktails to Mr. Rabbit, Ms. Pigeon, Mr. Boar, Ms. Pheasant, and Mr. Deer.
  • Tap on Ms. Pigeon’s cocktail twice and all the guests will go back to their room.
  • In the lobby, answer the call from Mr. Owl. He asks you to check out his portrait on the wall behind you.
  • You’ll find the first ingredient of the Deer Steak recipe in his hand, collect them all.
  • Take the elevator for room 101 and enter Mr. Deer’s room.
  • He tells you to make a Bloody Mary for him the recipe for which is given in the below image.RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-WALKTHROUGH
  • Take vodka, key, read out the recipe, read Mr. Deer’s research plan, make a note of the stamp on the research plan, pour vodka into the glass and empty the box. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-WALKTHROUGH.jpg
  • Keep tapping the deer skull till two antlers emerge fully, rosemary grows and the nose starts bleeding. The blood tobacco sauce and fill it in the empty vodka box. Collect the rosemary too.
  • Pour the sauce into the glass filled with vodka. Move right to find scales and check out the weight of each symbol. Plus=1, triangle=3 & spiral=5.
  • With a key open a cabinet containing flasks & beakers.
  • Move right, take an empty bucket, open the drawer to collect matches, and pick a glass jar from the grinder.
  • Next, to your right open up the window and hand the bucket outside on the rope to the left.
  • Using a pulley get the bucket down to get pour water and in the glass jar trap the butterfly to the right window.
  • Locate a locked box in the middle and match the symbol to its weight to get the passcode 3531. Enter the code and the box carrying a knife will open. Take that knife and proceed. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE
  • Back to flasks and beakers fill them with water.
  • Pour 5oz from the 6oz bottle into the 10oz bottle first. Fill the 5oz bottle with the excess 1oz. Fill the 6oz container partly with 6oz from the 10oz bottle.
  • Fill the 5oz bottle with 4oz from the 6oz bottle. Pour the 5oz bottle into the 10oz bottle, making it 9oz. Fill the 5oz bottle with 2oz from the 6oz bottle. Fill the 6oz bottle halfway with 6oz from the 10oz bottle.
  • Fill the 5oz bottle with 3oz from the 6oz bottle. Finally, transfer 5oz from the 5oz bottle to the 10oz bottle to make 8oz. And grab a bottle.
  • Beneath the Bunsen burner lit up the candle and pour 80z water in it.
  • Now take a good look at the frame imprinted with butterflies. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Place the butterfly beside the two moths. Tap them in the order seen in the picture. Pick the seed from the highest one.
  • Lit the lamp with matches, add water from the bucket in the dirt pot next to it, add seed into the dirt pot and close it.
  • Keep on tapping the plant and once the seeds are poisonous take them with you.
  • With the help of a knife make Mr. Deer bleed and fill the empty box with his blood.
  • Now put the glass jar on the grinder, add some poisonous seeds and grind to make a powder.
  • Put the powder on the Bunsen burner, later mix it into the drink and your Bloody Mary is ready.
  • Give it to Mr. Deer and he will drink all of it when you tap twice.
  • Zoom the screen and he’ll die choking. Slaughter him with a knife and you now have meat for the Deer steak recipe. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Return to the lobby and look behind Mr. Crow for a key. The key is for the first room, and it must be inserted into Mr. Deer’s keyhole in the locked cabinet.
  • The same stamp was imprinted onto the research plan you found earlier.
  • Return to Mr. Toad in the kitchen and offer all the gathered ingredients to him.
  • He will then prepare the deer steak, treat the surviving guests, and you will get three stars.

Props on getting all of the required ingredients and finishing the first recipe.

Part 2

Kindly follow the instructions below in the same order to complete the first part of this Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough.

  • Go back to the lobby & search Mr. Crow’s pocket to find a carrot for the rabbit stew, your next recipe.RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE
  • Take the elevator to Room No. 4 on the second floor, which is Mr. Rabbit’s room.
  • Check out the painting and grab a knife from the bottom drawer. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Tap on the light fixture to obtain an ace of club card.
  • Mr. Rabbit is on your right; fetch the hat from the top of the locked unit, two hearts hidden behind the hand painting, and memorize the hand painting.
  • Also, check out another painting and take note of the four colours, purple, pink, white, orange.
  • Collect the 5 of clubs from Mr. Rabbit’s ear.
  • Return the hat to Mr. Rabbit, click on it, and four different coloured flowers will appear. Arrange them in the same colours as the paintings: purple, pink, white, and orange.
  • Continue tapping the hat until you see Mr. Rabbit’s head with a key coming out.
  • Next, play the cup game to get an eye. Keep an eye on the cup with the ball underneath it. Following that would be a shell, a thimble, a bug, and finally an eye. Grab the eye. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Find Mr. Owl’s drawing on your right and slash it with a knife to get beans. Look at the sign on it as well.
  • Locate a box underneath the portrait, flick the lever, and a hand will spring up; stab it with a knife to steal the ring.
  • On your right, look for a flyer about the Magic show that is necessary to collect a key from the lobby. Then, locate the sword drawing and take 4 diamonds from behind it. Examine the painting carefully as well.
  • Return to Mr. Rabbit’s screen, focus in on the glass box, take the triangular rock, and put a ring in the box to obtain another key.
  • Turn around and face the door to find another portrait. Place the four cards with the two on them and match them to the symbols you remembered. Find a key from behind the 5 of clubs and take it.RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • With the three keys you obtained, open the unit you discovered in Mr. Rabbit’s room. You’ll  Mr. Rabbit inside. Close the door after inserting the triangular rock into the slot. Close the door and fix the eye in Mr. Rabbit’s eye socket. Repeat this process, but this time take the swords with you.RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Mr. Rabbit has been put in the swords enclosure. Kill him by placing the swords in the box in the order seen in the image beside him. Now, with the Rabbit’s meat, your stew recipe is completed. RUSTY-LAKE-HOTEL-GUIDE.jpg
  • Return to Mr. Crow in the lobby and place the key correctly behind him.
  • Now give all the ingredients for Rabbit stew to Mr. Toad in the kitchen, he will prepare the food, and you’ll earn three stars.

The three parts of the Rusty Lak Hotel walkthrough are now done. Bookmark this page and return tomorrow for the remaining recipes.