Adventure Escape Xmas Killer Full Walkthrough

Complete your 7-day journey full of thriller and mystery successfully with the Xmas Killer walkthrough provided below.

Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer awakens your inner detective as a highly aggressive serial killer is dead set on ruining the Christmas festive. As a detective, Kate Gray, you will encounter a murder at a city center clutching a classic snow globe. You only have seven days until Christmas. Before that, you must chase him down and solve the mystery so that no one else becomes his target. With the Xmas Killer walkthrough, you can make this investigation less difficult while still challenging. Without any further ado let’s catch the culprit.

Xmas Killer Walkthrough

The game demands a lot of legwork and a variety of tasks. This involves searching the area, interviewing suspects, cracking manipulative puzzles, solving riddles, assembling resources to prepare the escape, discovering secret items to run away, and, most importantly, detecting the serial killer. But the cheerful Christmas graphics make all the effort worthwhile. Since you only have 7 days, the guide is divided into 7 sections, one for each approaching day.

Day 1 – December 18 

To complete part one of chapter 1 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • Start with collecting the used coffee mug, blue file folder, trash, red file folder, fish food, and yellow file folder one after another. Now grab the green file folder which you can find in the drawer. You need to consume some stars and for that throw all the collected trash into the bin. For more stars feed food to the fish.
  • Now move to your right and get the purple file folder. Look just above it and you will see badges over the window. With that open the gate to the kitchen and make an entry.
  • In the kitchen, you will come across a hungover Dan and you have to get him rid of it. Look for the note stick to the wall and in it, you will find instructions to cure the handover. Grab a paper cub from the cabinet and fill it with water. Locate the box of donuts and arrange them according to their decoration as in sprinkles, nuts, etc in a verticle line. One of the donuts is just for Dan to take with you. XMAS-KILLER-WALKTHROUGH.jpg
  • Now you are tasked to solve the easy badge clue, Count the number of angles of each badge shape and you will get a number 5364. Solving it earns you a first aid kit.XMAS-KILLER-WALKTHROUGH.jpg
  • Take the aspirin and offer it to Dan along with water and his donut. After that grab the red file folder on which he was passed out with his head down on the table.
  • Exit the kitchen and return to the first room from where you started. Put all the files in the file drawer but the order of dots & dashes on the left. XMAS-KILLER-WALKTHROUGH.jpg
  • Count all the folders’ square in a verticle order and you will have the number 428256. This is the key code to a safe nearby. Enter the code and unlock the safe. You’ll find the case file inside it take it with you.XMAS-KILLER
  • Offer the case file to the officer and suddenly he’ll be out of your sight.
  • Out of nowhere phone starts ringing which is locked in a drawer. To unlock the drawer you need a key. Find the key in the trash can and once you get it open the drawer. The call is from a Lt. Murphy which you have to take. With this the part 1 of the CHP 1 ends.

Day 2 – December 19

To complete part two of chapter 1 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • You will find yourself outside a house. Besides the outer part of the entrance just below the window, there’s a pink quilting fabric piece. Grab it and enter the house.
  • Inside the house collect one more and a can opener. With the can opener, open the can of cat food and pour it into the feeding bowl.
  • On the table find a crossword puzzle and solve it. You will get a code 25267 which is a pin code to unlock the shed.
  • Exit the house and unlock the shed by entering 25267. The shed carries shears and a ladder, grab both the things. XMAS-KILLER.jpg
  • Position the ladder under the tree and bring the cat down. See the cat’s collar. There’s a number 3 imprinted.
  • Re-enter the house and move upstairs. Collect the third fabric which is green in colour.
  • There’s another door to the bathroom. Go inside and grab another fabric scrap.
  • Open the bathroom’s window and with the shear, you grabbed from the shed cut the grass.
  • Feed the grass to the cat and the collar. You will see a number 5. XMAS-KILLER.jpg
  • Now take some cat grass with you and go downstairs. Feed the grass to the hidden cat. Check his collar for number 6. XMAS-KILLER.jpg
  • On the chair, there’s a carpet that you need to tap and get four more scraps. With all the scraps collected till now make four animals. To rotate them simply tap and once all the four animals are created arranged them color-wise. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Head upstairs and find a trunk to the right. Tap on it. Now match the animals you created and a box with the fourth cat will open. The cat is Siamese with a number 7 on the collar. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now a painting of four cats on the wall will be displayed. Match the collar numbers and you will end up with a passcode 5367.
  • Enter the number to a combination lock and a door to Peggy’s room will be unlocked.
  • In the room take a note of 5 things that work as evidence which are open window, blood, broken lamp, photo box under the bed, and footprint. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • On the bed, there’s a dead body covered with a sheet. Remove the shift and find more evidence on the body. Hand, blue lips, snow globe, and a bruise on the neck. With this part 2 of the CHP 1 concludes.

Day 3 – December 20

To complete the second chapter of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • In the third chapter, you will find yourself in a room. On the wall find an evidence board with two photos on it. In the picture, one is Misty who is the victim’s daughter, while in picture two is Antonio who is the victim’s brother. Also, find the snow globe and access the lab.
  • Inside the lab, find a key, black tap, and a magnifying glass. Now open the dead body on the bed and find the broken lamp and ornament in an evidence bag.
  • To the other side of the lab locate a door, open and enter. Collect one more black tape, and use the key to open a makeup kit. From the kit grab a powdering brush, look at the periodic table on the wall and find a sticky note saying more.
  • More inked on the sticky note is nothing but a clue to look for in the periodic table. Look for the MO and Re in it and you will get two numbers 42 & 75. Together it makes 4275 and it is the password to unlock a closet. From inside the closet grab dusting powder and yet another black tape.
  • Return to the body and with a magnifying glass inspect the broken lamp. Put some black fingerprint dust on it and brush the excess using a powdering brush. With the black tape recover the fingerprint and repeat the same process with the body and ornament. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Next, in the fingerprint detector, place all three black tape. Now tap the computer screen and three balls, gold, silver, and copper will appear. Find all the three elements in the periodic table and you will get a 6 letter word AUAGCU. Enter the password into the PC.
  • You must now connect the fingerprint pieces to form three complete fingerprints.
  • Unfortunately, neither of the fingerprints matches those found in the records. Hence, to find him scan all the physical files, get a blueprint, key card, and an electric cord.
  • Offer the key card to Murphy the officer and with a key card open the machine which resembles a refrigerator. From it get the voice device and put it on the front desk. Pug in the electric cord in it and 5 secrets will be revealed. Murphy will make a note of it and give it to you.
  • Provide some vague and confusing statements to Murphy and start with another puzzle. As per the instructions given in the below image begin with the floor basement from 6 to 10 and focus on B10, Room 5. Tap on the room two times and one more puzzle will be unlocked. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Position the boxes on the red push surfaces and use the trigger to push the gate in the center while it is not blocked.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now collect a stool, a long pipe, and a spray. Position the stool below the water pipe, open the rusted toolbox with an oil spray, and pick up a rag. With the long pipe turn, the handle and water will start dripping. Wet the rag with some water, dab it on the dried paint and a new clue that is flags will be revealed. With flags open the cabinet. The direction of the flag should be first up then down then again up then middle and finally down. Inside the cabinet is a case file. Collect and complete chapter three. Christmas-KILLER.jpg

Day 4 – December 21

To complete part one of chapter 3 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • Note down the colours and numbers i.e. green 1 & red 3 from the two posters. Go left down the valley. Find another poster and note down colour purple and number 7. Get a rope from the dumpster and shoes from the garbage bag.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Tier the rope to the brick and throw it on the ladder to pull it down. Look for the fourth poster and note down yellow 5. Plug the neon sign and it will display two words saying VIPER ROOM.
  • Arrange all the poster numbers to get 7351 and unlock the dressing table. Find a money box and unlock it by entering VIPER. You’ll get $20. Locate a box whose lid is covered in colour gems. Click on yellow, green, red, orange, purple, and then blue to open it. Grab the accessories from it. Now unlock the closet and collect all the dresses. Pick up the cosmetics from the dressing table and tap on the mirror.
  • Dress up the detective as you wish. Next, collect a small knife, sugar, bottle of rum, soda, and crowbar. Return to the alley and using a crowbar open the crate. Pick up the highball glasses and get back to the club. Make a mojito and for that tap on the shaker bar. Now mix up sugar, soda, rum, mint, and highball glass. See the below image for directions. Christmas-KILLER
  • Bride the guard with the mojito for VIP entry. Play the card game with club owner Everett Kane. In the game, both of you pick up one card at the same time and one with the higher one earns points. Cards are arranged as lowest on the left to highest on the right hence make sure to select from the left. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Get a higher score and win the game. Interact with Peggy’s daughter Misty, get a locket and complete the chapter’s part 1.

Day 5 – December 22

To complete part two of chapter 3 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • A Christmas killer will send you a coded letter and it will be tricky to fill up the blanks. However, fill up the blanks in such a way you get, ” “I WILL KILL AGAIN. IT’S ALMOST TIME.
  • Visit the orphanage and speak with Mr. Orphan. Find the missing pieces of photos. Pick one from the floor and see the two books as well.
  • Now enter the left door inside it collect the clock weight. Now take a good look at the book, map, and a painting on the wall.
  • See the number code next to the city names: SHANGHAI 8, OSLO 4, LONDON 6, NEW YORK 7, CAIRO 5 & NEW DELHI 8.
  • See the map for the travel orders. The order is Oslo, New York, Cairo, London, Shanghai, New Delhi. Now arrange the corresponding numbers and you will get a password 475688.
  • Inside the living room unlock the box with the code and get another photo scrap. Put the two picture scraps in the frame on Mr. Orson’s shelf. He’ll bring you an old key to the top floor.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Head upstairs and find another clock weight. Pick it up and see the drawing on the wall. Find a door to the right and unlock it using a key Mr. Orson gave.
  • Move-in and get another clock weight on the bed. Tap on the left bed’s blanket and a locked jewelry box will be revealed. Now move the mattress of the right bed to reveal another picture scrap. Pick it up and see two more books. Next, find a safe under the rug with a combination lock.
  • Analyze all five books and you will notice a symbol on each of the spines. Arrange them in such a way that they mature from a seed to a full-grown tree. To open the safe and obtain another picture scrap, insert the symbols in the correct order.


  • Now let’s unlock the jewelry box you found earlier. Determine the colour order using the kid’s drawing from the corridor. The size of the flowers is the hint. The jewels are then moved by rotating the rings. When it’s unlocked, take the picture scrap.
  • Head down and put all the three clock weights on the clock and look at the season’s painting in the classroom. After this, using the seasons painting in class, coordinate the four seasons on the clock. Pick up the picture scrap that has dropped down.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Place all the four scraps on the same picture and you’ll earn a look from Mr. Orson. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Take a hint and move upstairs. Pull the ladder down from the ceiling with a long hook and climb the attic. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now note the colour order of the blinking Christmas light on the ceiling. The colour order is red, orange, blue, purple, yellow. Now go near the jack in the box and push down the coloured shapes in the same order. Next read the journal to find a clue: 1 – 1 – 4, 2 – 3 – 10 ,3 – 6 – 8, 3 – 8 – 11, 4 – 2 – 1 ,4 – 11 – 11.
  • The journal’s last page assists you in identifying letters within the journal. Every line contains information about the page, line, and letter. The first one, for example, is the first page, first line, fourth letter. As a result, you have D. If you continue and the result you get is DUDUDU. This is nothing but down, up, down, up, down, and up. This is how you open up a suitcase. Hence, press the suitcase in the same order and find the last picture scrap in it as well as a snow globe.
  • Place the final scrap on the photo and you will find a person named Freddie. Well, he can be the Christmas killer. This completes the chapter’s part 2.Christmas-KILLER.jpg

Day 6 – December 23

To complete part 3 and the last part of chapter 3 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • Search for the screwdriver and a battery. Go to the left of the doorway. Using a screwdriver open the electric box. Now collect a candle, key, a film, and record. Lit the fireplace with a candle. This will paint the arrow on the window.
  • Exit the room and open the dresser using a key. Next, put the record and position the horn on it. The song “12 days of Christmas” begins. Its lyrics would then be added to the inventory.  Put them in the puzzle on the door to crack it. Take a glance at the scroll inside the horn as well.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Try to solve the door puzzles using the lyrics and an arrow from the window. Keep swapping tiles to match the lyrics.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now, move inside the film room to find a battery and the film. Open the panel on the projector.
  • Now return and go near the tree. Find a box below it and put both the batteries inside. The lights will be switched on. Follow the note signs within the gramophone to obtain the number 1574.Christmas-KILLER.jpgChristmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Return to the film room, locate a locked box and use passcode 1574 to open it. Remove the film, then tap the projector’s panel and insert three videos.
  • Next, link the same-colored film pieces by creating a path through them, crack the puzzle, and chapter three ends. Christmas-KILLER.jpg

Day 7 – December 24

To complete part one of chapter 4 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • Everett Kane calls you and you must answer it. He informs that he hasn’t seen Misty in two days. He visited her apartment only to find out someone broke into it.
  • Take a good look at the sticky notes with stars, fish, plants, and socks drawn. Find the total number of stars, fish, plants, and socks. You’ll get the number 3124. It is the passcode to unlock the FBI database.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now you have to memorize fingerprints and match them. You will have to make 3 attempts and each time game differs. Finally, the Christmas Killer and his details will be revealed. Look at the image below. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Now fetch the eighth snow globe and keep it with the others in a room. Each snowflake has a number on the edges. Arrange them from lowest to highest. An address will be revealed, 101 East 3rd St.Christmas-KILLER
  • Make your way to that building. Collect the chandelier piece and scope. Now go upstairs.
  • Find a painting of tomato soup cans on the wall. Find the telescope lens and body next.
  • Get down and assemble the telescope to look outside. Pay attention to the hint revealing the numbers and directions.
  • Move upstairs, locate a safe, and attempt to unlock it using the hint, i.e. turn the knob right to 35, left to 5, right to 40, and left to 55.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • From inside the safe take chandelier pieces and return downstairs. Now add all the chandelier pieces for one more clue. Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • The chandelier clue reveals the iPad/tablet password. The edges are more visible, but the arrows reflect the screen’s middle and rim, and the tiny diamond in the center press. The resulting passcode is represented in the picture below. Enter through the hidden doorway!Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • You will find Misty in a cage. Check out the note on the wall and the numbers are the same as on the soup can painting. To get a colour, combine the top colour, bottom colour, and the word “tomato” on each can. Then, as per note, arrange them and click the buttons on the wall. Green, light green, purple, pink, orange, light purple is the sequence.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Play a game of Minesweeper. Through numbers determine the location of the defective chips. Then mark the defective ones with red and the working ones with white.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • You set Misty free. It’s now time to track down Freddie. Climb the stairs, take a pipe, and throw it at the helicopter.
  • You receive another locket piece

Day 8 – December 25 (Christmas Day)

To complete part two of chapter 4 of the Xmas Killer walkthrough, kindly follow the directions below in the order they are given.

  • See the ending unfold as you connect the two locket pieces.Christmas-KILLER.jpg
  • Finally, you stopped and arrested Freddie before he kills another innocent person.

Cheers on completing this complicated crime and upholding the spirit of Christmas.

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