Summertime Saga Walkthrough – Complete 2024 Guide For All Routes

This Summertime Saga walkthrough has been specially curated for your ultimate gaming experience. Start reading!

Summertime Saga is a high-quality dating sim that features over 65 characters to interact with, 30 destinations to explore, and more than 20 mini-games to keep the journey fresh and entertaining for hours. For a game with such a large volume of playable materials, it is understandable if you need a guide to start with. Hence to make things simpler for you here’s our full Summertime Saga Walkthrough.

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Summertime Saga Walkthrough

When you first start Summertime Saga, you will be greeted with a mandatory introduction to the gameplay as well as a brief prologue. The intro conveys the history of the game’s lead and protagonist, and the principal plotline unfolds into two main narratives over the weeks that follow.

Despite the fact that certain characters need initial touchdowns, many of the character trails unlock the day after the prequel.

Before starting with this Summertime Saga Walkthrough you must be mindful of the following things:

  • Play just one route at a point.
  • Cross the routes only when essential.
  • Concentrate solely on one girl.
  • As completion overrides the blocking problems, you can start concentrating on several girls.
  • Follow this Summertime Saga walkthrough in the order specified.

Finally, if you want to deeply digest this Summertime Saga walkthrough, brace yourself for few minutes.


After his father’s mysterious death, the game’s hero begins a lifetime’s worth of voyages as he is welcomed into Debbie and Jenny’s house. He hasn’t finished mourning yet, and the first day back to school starts.

Plot 1Summertime-Saga-Walkthrough

To Maria and Josephine’s upside, trust does not come easily; it must be earned and requires some in-kind commitment. Lead starts receiving punches, allies and friends teams up, and people begin to visit his home to claim unpaid bills.

Plot 2

When new revelations expose his father’s previous associations, the orphan ignores the warnings. The chase progresses to the mayor’s mansion, and the situation quickly becomes more intimate with Iwanka and Melonia. The money in Rumps’ family is never the ultimate contentment provider.

Jenny’s Route

She is the type of lead character who is often seen as a loser by others. And then day, in the blink of an eye, she gets involved in his performance in front of the frame. It seems to be a good inspiration for the housemates to initiate something, but the challenge is what lengths she will go to charm the subscribers? Play the route and know it all!

Debbie’s RouteSummertime-Saga-Walkthrough

Debbie is the housekeeper who is always seen sporting a dress that is tempting enough even for an innocent to fantasize about. However, the catch is that she is nonchalant about it and motivates his naught thoughts even more. She can trigger anything to cook up some romance with a bit of stimulation aspect in the game.

Diane’s Route

Her roles begin later in the novel, nearly halfway through, when she chooses to launch a profitable milk business. But she gets involved with her loyal gardener who boasts some nice assets because only vegetables can’t be long and thick now, right?

Tammy & June’s RouteSummertime Saga Walkthrough

This route is all about experimenting with new directions and making life-changing decisions. The game’s hero will be squeezed between three situations:

  1. Should he pay attention to his lovely neighbor?
  2. Should he share Tammy with his best friend Erik?
  3. Or he should go with inviting his school buddy June?

It all falls upon you; can you assist him in making the right decision?

Ms. Bissette’s Route

This is the usual and much wished-for student-teacher interest. In this route, the hero enrolls in French classes, and his tutor, Ms. Bissette, is more interested in tempting the students with her  body rather than investing time in students’ education.

Mia & Helen’s Route

Mia’s life is full of difficulties and worries; it is not a smooth ride at all. On one side, her mother won’t let her relax, and on the other, her father loses all hopes. To complicate things, a nun intrudes in her family life, and it is your choice whether to support Mia or her sister Angelica.

Eve’s Route

This is perhaps the most decent part of the Summertime Saga walkthrough because Eve is a meek and all-goody sort girl who is well worth the hassle. To win her, your hero would need to enlist the assistance of her sister Grace as well as her problematic friend Odette.

Odette’s Route

She is the sort of girl who devises sinister graphs in the game. She asks the main character to accompany her on a walk to the cemetery on a full moon for motives mysterious to everyone.

Roxxy’s Route

Despite her hatred for him, the main character offers to help Roxxy. However, this sincere assistance encourages them to get acquainted well. The catch here is convincing the rest of the clan.

Ms. Dewitt’s Route

In this scenario, the annual talent show gets off to a rocky start when the principal is hell-bent on canceling it. In this section of this game, students are tasked with saving the teacher from his or her distress.

Ms. Okita’s Route

Ms. Okita’s course entails a lot of experimentation and conjuring up. However, when the tests did not go as expected, both the student and the professor get interesting consequence.

Ms. Ross’s Route

The character is challenged with changing the opinions of the Principal according to whom appearances are everything.

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Consuela’s Route

I would warn you that this is a difficult part of the Summertime Saga walkthrough, as the maid, despite being accustomed to the Rump family’s abuses, finds the mayor’s provocation to be the tipping point. Consuela’s condition is worsened by the lead character’s intervention. So, what are you going to do to untwist the mess here?

Daisy’s Route

Trust me Daisy’s route at this point of Summertime Sage walkthrough is the most fascinating one given that she’s a half-human half cow and appears in the leads life out of nowhere. The hero here will be stuck with taking care of this adorable girl-cow.

Aqua’s RouteSummertime-Saga-Walkthrough

Prepare for the forthcoming scavenger hunt for Captain Terry. Much of this hassle is just to trap the Aqua.

So are you in for an adventure ride? Don’t forget to get back to this Summertime Saga walkthrough when you get lost.