How To Uncensor Valorant Chat (2022)

It is simple to uncensor chat by turning off the Language Filter.

The Valorant chat is a fun way for the gaming community to interact with each other as they partake in their favorite game. However, this community can also get pretty toxic at times. To avoid such scenarios, Valorant has a Language Filter in place that can censor bad words and obscenities from the chat. However, players can also choose to uncensor their chat while playing Valorant.

If players are curious as to how they can do this, our guide should help them.

How To Uncensor Valorant Chat And Turn Off The Language Filter?


Since a large majority of Valorant plyers are kids, it makes sense that the developers want to keep a check on the toxicity. This is why they have many censors in place for mature content as well as offensive language. However, players can choose how much censorship they want over their gameplay experience.

Players can choose to turn off the language filter and uncensor their chat if that is what they wish to do. To uncensor chat, players can simply follow the steps given below.

  • Open Valorant on any device.
  • Go to the game’s settings.
  • Under the General tab, browse down to the Explicit Language Filter.
  • This is set to On by default. However, players can click on the Off option to uncensor their Valorant chat.

Once players have turned off the Explicit Language Filter, they will get to see everything being written in their chat.

In addition to the Explicit Language Filter, Valorant has also introduced a new mechanics to disable toxic chat. This is the mute words feature where players can select specific words that they want to censor from their chat. This allows players more free control over the kind of content they get to see or don’t.

This is how players can uncensor their Valorant chat. For more Valorant guides, check out How To Bypass Or Remove AFK Ban On Valorant Account?