What Does ‘NT’ Mean In Valorant? List Of All Valorant Abbreviations

Here are all the short forms used by the Players in the Valorant.

It is very difficult to type full sentences or the full form of the commands while playing Valorant on PC and Console. It’s always best to use the short form for quick replies when you are in the game. There are few fixed sets of short-form or abbreviations in all the games used by most players.

Want to know what does NT means in Valorant? Well, we have compiled a list of all the possible short forms or abbreviations that we could use in Valorant.

Here Are All Valorant Abbreviations and Terminology

What does NT mean in Valorant

There are many short forms or terminologies used by most Valorant players all over the world.

Here is a complete list of all the possible short forms, terminologies, or abbreviations that you can use in Valorant:

  • NT- Nice Try
  • GGWP- Good Game Well Played
  • Flick- To move crosshair quickly and shoot
  • Flank-To sneaks behind a player and catches them off guard
  • Frag- To Kill
  • Jiggle peek- To quickly move in and out of cover and gain information.
  • Lit/One Shot- Indicates that a target is low on health.
  • GG-Good Game.
  • Camp- Hold an area defensively.
  • Cubby-Deep corners to camp in.
  • Top Frag- To has the most kills in a match.
  • Bottom Frag- To have the lowest kills in a match.
  • Bunnyhop- The technique that involves alternating jumps and air strafes for fast traversal.
  • Dink- Headshot
  • GT- Good Try
  • ADS- Aim down sights

So the NT means NICE TRY in Valorant and not anything else. Within the game, you’ll find some terminologies that are rather harsh and unrequired. A list of these is mentioned above. However, these are purely for informational purposes and are not to be used in-game.

That’s all about what Does NT means in Valorant and other terminologies that a Valorant player can use in the game. While you are here, you may like to read about how to how to fix Could not enter matchmaking error in Valorant?