How to Fix COULD NOT ENTER MATCHMAKING Error in the Valorant?

Facing 'Could Not Enter Matchmaking' error in Valorant? Here's all the reasons for the matchmaking error and how to fix the matchmaking error

There can be various reasons to come across could not enter matchmaking error in valorant. It could be because sometimes queuing takes long and it gets time out. or other times it happens because your screen gets stuck on matchmaking. It can also appear if there are no players available at the moment.

If it’s because of the connection issue from your end try restarting your broadband router. Change your DNS settings to Public. Check for all the firewall settings. Try and disconnect all the devices which are streaming videos on your network. And see if it works.

How to fix the matchmaking Error?

how to fix could not enter matchmaking error in valorant

First of all, you got to check few things on your end. Check your internet connection, check for outages. Also, check if the Valorants server is down from their end. The error can also appear if the valorant server is down.

If everything is good at your end still the error is appearing then try following this only solution:

The first solution which comes to everyone’s mind usually is RESTART the device. So just restart your computer and launch your game again. Once launched try matchmaking again you will be able to do it now.

There are a number of players complaining about broken matchmaking in valorant. Matchmaking could also be broken because a huge number of players are trying it at the same time because of which server come down sometimes and it shows errors on your screen.  Just be a little patient restart or refresh your device and it will be fixed. Could not enter matchmaking error is a very common error that could be fixed in friction of seconds or so.

That is everything about how you can fix the could not enter the matchmaking in valorant. Facing multiple errors in valorant like Vanguard error, Error code 43, Error 138, connection error or, if the screen is stuck on the loading screen then click on this link and get all the possible solutions to fix these errors in the Valorant.