What Is Team Ace in Valorant? (Explained)

Wondering what does the term 'Team Ace' means in Valorant? This article will help you clarify your query.

You must have come across the terms Ace and Team Ace while playing Valorant. Now, to get an Ace, you will have to kill every member of the enemy team single-handedly. And in order to get a Team Ace, you can go through this article and understand what the term exactly means.

What do you Mean by Team Ace in Valorant?


Team ace in valorant

The term Team Ace in Valorant, means that each member in the team shall get one kill per round. Team Ace can be achieved in 5v5 mode of the game. You have to carry out team work in Valorant, but to get Team Ace done, you have to give it all.

How to Achieve Team Ace?


Achieving Team Ace in Valorant is not difficult but not so simple either. To make it happen precisely, you need to be in perfect sync with your team mates. More than you usually are, because there may be instances that an enemy player is in your sight but you can’t kill the enemy because you already have one kill.

You need to communicate with your team mates to successfully pull this off. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and assist your team mates and vice versa.

For instance, if your team mate dies in the game before getting a kill, does it mean you will not get a Team Ace in that battle? Well, not necessarily. In such circumstances, if any one of your team mates is playing with Sage, you can still make Team Ace. Sage’s Ultimate Ability is to Resurrect your team mates in the game. You can use her Ultimate Ability and revive your deceased team mate.


Now you know what is Team Ace and how to achieve it. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out how to fix Error Code 57 in Valorant and Who is a better Agent among Fade and Reyna?


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