Valorant: How To Play On MacBook? (Answered)

Want to play Valorant on MacBook? Read through this guide and know if you can.

Valorant is a Shooter Video Game in which you can play with your friends or online teammates and defeat enemies. With amazing graphics and immense action, this game has left an impression on fellow gamers around the globe. Valorant was meant to be played on Windows PC or Laptop but due to the heavy demand, players are wondering if Valorant will ever be available to play on macOS. So, Can you Play Valorant on MacBook? Well, to know the answer, read along with this guide.

Can you Play Valorant on MacBook?

can you play valorant on macbook

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. As of today, the developers haven’t shown any signs of Valorant coming to macOS, so you can’t play Valorant on MacBook. Whether or not Valorant will come to macOS in the future, completely depends upon the developers of the game. But, don’t be disheartened just yet, although you can’t play the game on MacBook, you can still play it on Windows. Let me elaborate on the same. If you have a MacBook or a Mac, there are certain ways for you to play Valorant. There are two ways to be precise, one is you can buy a Windows PC or Laptop and fulfill your craving to play Valorant or you can use Boot Camp to play Valorant on your MacBook.

Before you put all your efforts into getting the Boot Camp Assistant you must verify that your mac has an Intel Processor. Now, what does this Boot Camp Assistant do? The Boot Camp will help you download the Windows Operating System on your MacBook. The Boot Camp feature works on MacBook which is released in or later than 2015 and other Mac products that were released in and after 2012. If you fit that criteria, it’s good news for you. Now, in order to download Windows on your Mac, you must have at least 64GB of storage space vacant. Windows requires at least that much space to properly install and run all the updates.

How to Download Windows on MacBook?

Here is the checklist you must verify before you try to download Windows to Play Valorant on Mac.

  • You must see if the Secure Boot Setting is on Full Security. If it’s not, tick this checkbox and change it to Full Security.
  • Using the Boot Camp Assistant is better to install Windows on your Mac. You will find the Boot Camp Assistant in the Applications tab under the Utilities label.
  • Once you’re done with Installing Windows on mac, the Boot Camp will automatically be formatted by the installer. In case it doesn’t, you will have to do it manually.
  • Remove the USB flash drive that you may have connected during working with Boot Camp Assistant. Select Next and proceed further to install Windows.
  • Now that you have downloaded Windows on your mac, you will see a dialogue box of Boot Camp Installer. Carry out the steps mentioned to install the drivers of Windows and restart your Mac when it’s done.

Now that you have successfully downloaded the Windows OS, you can Play Valorant on Mac. Hopefully, this article was useful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out how to Fix log in Issues in Valorant and what can get you Banned from Valorant.