What Can You Get Banned For In Valorant

Know what not to do when playing Valorant

Valorant is pretty strict when it comes to cheating or unsportsman like conduct. There are multiple types of behaviors that can get players banned in Valorant. We have put together a  list of all the things that can get players banned in the game so players can avoid them and enjoy the game uninterrupted.

Things That Can Get You Banned In Valorant


Valorant wants to establish a good gaming environment for all its players. This is why they adopt a zero tolerance policy for boosting, cheating, or any other method that gives players an unfair advantage. Below we have listed all the things players should avoid if they do not want to get banned in Valorant.


Players that are consistently AFK (Away From Keyboard) can get banned in Valorant. To be clear, this ban is only  implemented for regular infractions. Players that get disconnected once or twice due to a bad connection do not need to worry about getting banned. This ban is mostly applicable for players that constantly leave their teammates at an disadvantage.

Queue Dodging

This is when players leave a match by disconnecting from the server during the Agent select screen. This leaves the team with one less member going into the match. Again, this ban is implemented on repeat offenders.

Friendly Fire

This ban is all about unsportsman like conduct. Players that injure or kill their own teammates frequently will face this ban in Valorant.


Players that use bots or third party software to get ahead will face a permanent ban from Valorant if they are caught. Players that use Boosting to raise their Valorant ranks can also be banned. Boosting is a practice where another player uses someone’s Valorant account to play for them. Sharing the account or its information is not allowed in this game.

These are all the things that can get a player banned in Valorant. For more Valorant guides, check out How To Fix Low Client FPS In Valorant?