How Do You Surrender In Valorant?

Want to quit in the middle of the game and don't know how? Go through the article to learn how you can surrender in the Valorant.

Valorant is a First-person Shooter game as we already know. If you want to surrender in the middle of the match and don’t know how you can do it? just scroll down the article and find all the possible options to do it.

There are so many reasons for a player to surrender in a game. It can be because of the not-so-cooperative teammates, can be because you are losing the match, or it can be anything. It’s very simple and easy to surrender in valorant but there are few conditions which you need to fulfill in order to surrender between a match.

Different Ways and Requirements To Surrender in Valorant:

how to surrender in valorant

There are two basic requirements in order to surrender in the Valorant.

1) You should have at least above 5 matches in the game.

2) At least 4/5 players should vote in your favor.

If you have both of these things then you can easily surrender in the Valorant.

Step-wise guide to Surrender:

Just press the ‘ESC’ key on the keyboard and click on the ‘SURRENDER’ button right side of your screen.
Another method to surrender is to type down any one of the following commands in your chatbox to get votes of at least 4 players on the team and you are outside the game.

List of Commands to Surrender:

  • /ff
  • /concede
  • /surrender

When you will type the command there will be a small dialog box that will pop on your friend’s screen. All they have to do is press ‘F5‘ to vote ‘YES’ and ‘F6’ to vote ‘NO‘. ‘ If 4 of your friends or teammates press F5 and vote in your favor then only you will successfully be able to surrender in the game.

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