Valorant: How To Whisper And Communicate With Your Teammates

Here is a guide to communicate with your team mates in the Valorant secretly.

Valorant is a shooting game that is similar to the Counter-Strike. Any game is fun when you can communicate and strategize while playing. Follow few simple steps to whisper in the Valorant to win more and more games every time.

How To Whisper In Valorant?

Open Valorant on your PC by double-clicking on the icon. Once you open the application, sign in to the game by using your ID and Password. Once the game is opened, move your cursor towards the right corner of your screen. One menu will appear. Now you will find the list of all your friends there.

Choose any one friend from the list and ‘Right Click‘ on their profile.

How to whisper in valorant

On clicking on their profile, one small chat box will open on the screen’s left bottom corner. Type whatever message you want to convey and press the ‘ENTER‘ key to whisper in the Valorant.

How to whisper in valorant

There is one more way to whisper in the Valorant. If the chat box is already open on the screen, you will see Party written on the chatbox. Go and press the ‘TAB‘ Key and type the name of your teammate. Type your message and press the ‘ENTER‘ key again.

Many websites on the internet will ask you to adjust your ‘microphone settings in the ‘Audio Tab’ on the game. But all these websites are spreading false information about how you can whisper in the Valorant. The correct and only way to whisper in the Valorant is by using a Text feature. You actually cannot use your microphone to whisper with your team members.

This is everything you need to know about how to whisper in the Valorant. While you are here also have a look at the article on New Valorant Skin Bundles.