Tribes Of Midgard Classes Tier List (January 2023)

Classes determine the powers, attributes and fighting style of your character. Here's a tier list ranking all the classes in Tribes of Midgard

Classes define most of the powers and attribute your character will have. Players should read and understand all the classes in Tribes of Midgard and then choose the one that is most suitable to their play style. 2 out of 8 classes are available at the beginning of the game and players have to unlock the other 6 by doing some side quests. Here’s a tier list ranking all the classes in Tribes of Midgard.

Tribes Of Midgard Tier List – All Best Classes Ranked

Classes are divided into 3 tiers into Tribes of Midgard S, A, and B with S being the strongest and B being the weakest. Here is the Tier wise ranking of all the classes in Tribes of Midgard.

S Tier Classes In Tribes Of Midgard


tribes of midgard classes

The Warden is the one class that will be supplying weapons and important crafting materials to all the characters across the map. Warden can also build some new bridges and structures in the village to keep the enemies away a bit longer. The class also enables you to build some structures with fewer materials. Warden is a must-have in the team as it is the only class that can strengthen your village.


tribes of midgard classes

Warrior is a classic melee character that deals high damage which is why it is a starter class. Spells are the USP of the warrior class as they can not only use spells but also combine two spells to enhance the impact and also self-revive themselves. Apart from the warrior class not many classes can use magic which is why having a Warrior in your group becomes necessary.


tribes of midgard classes

Seer is one of the few support classes in the game and has healing and spell casting powers. The Seer can heal all the teammates and can also cast spells that tangle and stun the enemies as they are charging towards your village. This can help you buy some time and the healing abilities will also help your team last a bit longer against the forces of Ragnarok.

A Tier Classes In Tribes Of Midgard


tribes of midgard classes

Given the huge two-handed hammer in his hands, it’s obvious that Berserker is the muscle of the team in Tribes of Midgard. The Wrath unleashed blessing of the Berserker enables it to produce a blast that will give damage to all the enemies in a particular radius. Choose Berserker for the sheer power of the class but know that it isn’t very agile or quick.


tribes of midgard classes

Sentinel can increase the defense of the team drastically using the shield and can also use the shield as a weapon. The shield Sentinel’s wield can be thrown at enemies to stun them, while it won’t do much damage it will surely buy you some time. Sentinel is more defense and less attack which is why it can help balance your team.


tribes of midgard classes

Another starter class is the Ranger that as the name suggests is a ranged class that attacks from a distance. Apart from being a classic ranged character that deals damage from a distance Ranger also enables your character to be very fast and agile. Rangers can shoot multiple targets with a single arrow shot and also pick up the arrows and reuse them.

B Tier Classes In Tribes Of Midgard


tribes of midgard classes

Guardian is another defender class you should have in your group. The last stand blessing enables your character to not get knocked down in a single blow which is why the Guardian is the best class to have in the frontline to take some big blows.


tribes of midgard classes

Hunter is the trickster of the group and can deceive the enemies, distract them and buy you some time. The Recall Totem blessing of the Hunter gets you a free revive or re-do card in the game, place the totem anywhere on the map and you will respawn there after you die. Players should choose the Hunter to evade death and if you stealth is your play style.

This was the complete tier list ranking all the classes in Tribed of Midgard. Players can also use Runes to buff some specific powers and make the class even more powerful. The tier list is as per the latest update of the Tribes of Midgard and can change when the developers roll out new updates.

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