Valorant Error Code: VAN 9001 Fix For Windows 11

Find out how to fix the VAN 9001 Error Code in Valorant.

Windows 11 users who play Valorant have been facing the VAN 9001 Error Code. This isn’t something new and has been a recurring feature with video games since the launch of Windows 11. There are various reasons for it, all of which we will mention below. So, let’s find out how to fix the VAN 9001 Error.

How to fix Valorant Error Code VAN 9001 for Windows 11?

Valorant Error Code VAN 9001 Windows 11 Fix Solution

This error code pops up due to the TPM and Secure Boot enforcement by Valorant. To fix the issue we will first have to break it down between the two available processors. If you are using an Intel processor, the TPM will be known as PTT, whereas on AMD it is known as fTPM.

  • As soon as you boot up your PC or System, rapidly press the delete button to open the BIOS.
  • Once you are on the BIOS, switch over to the Advanced Mode.
  • Now, look for the appropriate TPM term as mentioned above depending on your system. You should find this under the Security or Miscellaneous tab.
  • After this, change the status of the TPM to enabled to fix the Valorant Error Code VAN 9001 for Windows 11.
  • Now, look for Secure Boot under the boot option or the settings option.
  • Simply enable the Secure Boot setting to activate it.
  • Now, things get a bit complex. You will have to change the Secure Boot from custom to standard.
  • Save all your settings and boot up the game.

Why does the Error Code VAN 9001 appear?

The VAN 9001 error code appears for only Windows 11 users. This is because in a recent update the OS does turn off Secure Boot and TPM. This goes against Valorant’s anti-cheat software which makes it compulsory to have the TPM switched on. If you are wondering why TPM keeps popping up, it is because the full form of it is the Trusted Platform Module.

In the new update, switching the TPM off will make the game more susceptible to hackers and cheaters. Plus, if you even downgrade to Windows 10, the TPM will still stay disabled. So, that step goes out of the window.

This is everything that you need to know about the Valorant Error Code VAN 9001 fix for Windows 11. While you are here you should have a look at Valorant Store Checker.