Valorant Error 68 Fix: How To Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 68 In 2022?

Here is way to fix error 68 in Valorant!

Valorant had a lot of errors and issues when it was in its beta version. Now when Valorant’s full version is out the scene is still the same. Players are still facing many issues while logging or playing the game. But issues can be from either Player’s side or from the developer’s side.

The error that Valorant players are currently facing is Error code: VAN 68. If you too are having the same error and don’t know how to fix it then keep reading this post.

What Is Error Code Van 68 In Valorant?

Error 68 in Valorant

Error code VAN 68 is a code that usually occurs due to a connectivity issue from the player’s end. This can happen due to several reasons.

Here are all the reasons for the error code VAN 68 in Valorant.

  • Poor Internet
  • Server Connectivity issue
  • Issue from Riot’s desk
  • Or it can be your PC

How to Fix Error Code Van 68?

To fix error code VAN 68 in Valorant, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Check your internet connection. Reboot your wifi router and connect again. As soon as the internet is back the issue will be fixed.

2) Close the game and launch Valorant again. This fix works best for many errors in the Valorant. If you ever come across any error you can try this solution any time. It works 99 times out of 100.

3) Restart your PC and launch the game again. Sometimes game lags because of the lower version of your device. You can always restart or reboot to get back at it.

4) Look for proxy settings and see if anything is wrong with it. follow this path and fix it if there is any:

Press Windows key + R > Type ‘Control‘ > Open ‘Network and Internet‘ > Select ‘Internet Options’ > Click on Connections > Go to ‘LAN Settings‘ > Check ‘Automatically detect proxy settings‘ box > Click on ‘OK‘ > Restart PC

5) Check all the social pages of Valorant and see if the error is occurring from their end. All social pages are well up to date about the maintenance break or any issues on their end.

If you find any issue on the developer’s end just wait patiently till it’s fixed.

That’s everything about how to fix the error code VAN 68 in Valorant. Check another article on how to fix error code VAL 39 in Valorant?