Learn to drop Spike in Valorant

Picked the Spike accidentally in valorant, here is a quick guide on how you can drop the spike in valorant and also how to plant the spike.

Do not panic if you accidentally pick up or drop a spike in the Valorant. Here is a guide to help you drop the spike in valorant in such a situation. A spike is an object which is used to either plant or diffuses the game modes
When in a match your team is about to win against the enemy by taking that last match point. But now you suddenly pick up the spike and you do not know what to do with it. You don’t know how to plat it nor do you know how you can drop it in the valorant. Quickly go through our article and follow the steps below to do the same.

How to Drop Spike when you accidentally pick it up?

how to drop spike in valorant


  • Pick the spike up by pressing ‘4‘ on your keyboard.
  • You just got to press ‘G‘ to drop the spike.
  • And move away do not pick it up again.

If you want to pass it on to your friend/ teammate then make sure you first go close to them and then drop it.

Because it’s risky to drop it in such a location where you might drop it in a place where your enemy picks it up. Then this will be a little problematic situation for your team. Because your enemy team might just pick it up and use it against you.

You can always choose to switch your weapon if you aren’t comfortable using it. You can choose other options from the list to win the match.

How To Plant A Spike In Valorant

  • Players can find the spike on at their spawn point, just run over it and you will pick it up.
  • You can only plant the spike in a designated area, the area will be highlighted on the mini map.
  • Pick the spike, reach the highlighted area and then hold the “4” button for some seconds to plant it.
  • Once the spike is planted you teammates will be able to see it on the map. The opponents will also know that the spike is planted but they won’t know where it is planted.

So from next time onwards if you happen to pick up a spike do not panic and just remember the two keys: 4 and G. And drop it near the correct place. That’s everything about the spike in the Valorant. Want to if you Can Buy Valorant Points From Codashop? then check this article out.