Can You Buy Valorant Points From Codashop? (Complete Codashop Guide)

Codashop is an in-game currency purchase website. Here's how to buy Valorant points from codashop &how to get Valorant points at cheapest rate

Codashop is one of the most popular in-game purchases platform across the globe. Players can buy points and in-game currency for games from Apex legends to Free fire. The platform is popular among battle royale fans which is why many players are wondering if you can buy Valorant points from Codashop. The answer is yes you can you can buy Valorant points from Codashop but another question is how to buy them. Here’s how to buy Valorant points on Codashop

How To Buy Valorant Points From Codashop?

  • Search Codashop on Google and go to the website
  • From the huge roster of games and apps, you have to find and select Valorant and a new page will appear
  • Enter your riot id in the textbox and then choose from the variety of plans available
  • Select the plan and then select the payment method from the menu below
  • Codashop supports almost all types of payment methods so you won’t have a problem finding one.
  • Follow the whole payment procedure and once the payment is done you will see the points in your Valorant id instantly.

Is Codashop Safe?

Codashop has officially partnered with Riot Games, the developers of Valorant which is enough reason for players to trust the website. Codashop is available in several countries across the globe and has partnered with hundreds of games and apps. Many players speculated the website because in some regions it sold Valorant points cheaper than the game’s in-game store. This is the case in only some countries because Codashop might be trying to set up a user base, which is why they are selling it at the cheapest rates possible.

While Codashop is available in many countries it doesn’t sell Valorant points in all of them. As of now, Indian fans cannot buy Valorant points from Codashop, but given the hype of the game, it’ll soon be added on the India website of Codashop as well.

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