Valorant Agent Neon: Everything You Need To Know (Jan 2022)

Valorant has officially confirmed the arrival of a new Agent in the game

Valorant is a massively popular first-person shooter game. Agents are the playable characters in the game and picking the right one can be quite crucial in the game. In that regard, Valorant players may soon have another Agent to pick. After a steady stream of leaks and rumors, Valorant has officially confirmed the arrival of a new Agent in the game. The game often brings in new content to keep gamers engaged. Let us take a first look at the upcoming Valorant Agent Neon and know everything there is to know so far.

Valorant Agent Neon – All You Need To Know

Valorant Agent Neon Teaser

Players were eager to know what is next in store for them in the new year. Turns out it is the new Valorant Agent Neon. This news came to light after an Amazon Prime leak. Leaks and rumors are nothing new in the gaming community. Valorant Agent Chamber‘s name and some abilities were also leaked before his release. Originally codenamed Spinter as per data miners, Neon’s kit is expected to be all about speed.

During Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), the teaser trailer for Valorant Agent 19 was released. It did not reveal much except for brief hints about the Agent. The teaser heavily focused on lightening which could be a reference to speed as well as powers related to lightening. Moreover, the title of the video dropped a major clue for fans. As the title of the video was Tagalog (Philippines’ National Language), it is expected that neon originates from the Philippines. Further strengthening the lightning connection, the video title meant “I hope lightning knocks you out”.

Neon is expected to be a duelist or an initiator. Further, data miners reveal that she is from Mania, Philippines, and is 19 years old. The data miners also revealed that Valorant Agent Neon would be a Radiant and will play a role in the Alpha-Omega Bridge. In the data leak, a voice can be heard in the background saying, “I go fast” further confirming that her kit would definitely be about speed.

Valorant Agent Neon Release Date & First Look

While there is no official release date for the agent yet, Valorant Agent 19 might arrive with the Episode 4 Act 1 coming out on January 12. Valorant has released the first look for the Agent giving a nod to her speed abilities in the tweet. It says, “Looks like some of you might be faster than our next Agent.

Here’s an uncropped version to share. See ya next week!” The end line could also be a reference to the release date of Neon meaning she could be arriving next week. Take a look at the upcoming agent below:

That is everything there is to know about the new agent for the time. As you wait, check out the Valorant Agents Tier List (January 2022)