Valorant Agents Tier List (January 2023) – All Best Agents Ranked

Valorant Agents are the playable characters in the game

Agents are a crucial element in the Valorant world. These are the playable characters in the 5v5 tactical shooter game. Therefore, it is understandable that Valorant players are always trying to find out which Agents are the best ones. Choosing a  good Agent can often be the difference between winning and losing in Valorant especially for newcomers to the game.  This is why we have put together a tier list of some of the best and the not-so-best Agents in Valorant. Take a look and see if you agree with our picks.

Our Valorant Agents tier list has ranked all agents available in the game into multiple tiers with S being the OP agents to C being the worst characters. If you are struggling to find the best agent to play Valorant then you must go through our tier list.

Valorant Agents Tier List – January 2023


The best Agents in the game. They have the best kits and the highest chance of pulverizing their competition.


With one of the highest skill ceilings in Valorant, Jett is definitely an S-Tier agent. A duelist from South Korea, she is the fastest character in the game. Her kit is more about mobility than the utility. Jett is an excellent agent to have in 1v1 combat, skirmishes and flanking. However, her high-risk style can prove to be the undoing of an inexperienced player.

Valorant Agents Tier List Jett


Raze is the Brazilian explosives expert who has the most massive kill potential among all the Valorant agents on this tier list. Her kit is a combination of a remote detonated grenade, cluster bomb, rocket launcher, and an exploding Robot. This is the perfect Agent for players who like to go big and in style.

Valorant Agents Tier List Raze


Omen is a Controller that operates from the shadows. He dominates the battlefield by making his enemies blind and letting paranoia take hold of his foes. His ability to teleport across the field comes in very handy as he sneaks from behind as his opponents are scrambling. One of the most unpredictable characters on this tier list, Omen can turn the game for Valorant Players.

Valorant Agents Tier List Omen


Still the creme del a creme of the game but not quite as consistent as Agents on the S-Tier list.


Reyna is a vampire Agent with abilities that are fueled by her kills. Hailing from Mexico, this Agent is near-invincible in the hands of the right player. One of the best duelists in the game, she can inflict Nearsight on her enemies. In addition, she can also turn invisible. Overall, Reyna is a great Agent for solo plays.

Valorant Agents Tier List Reyna


This Moroccan information broker is great on defense. He gathers information through his cameras and tripwires and can gauge the enemy’s moves before he makes it.

Valorant Agents Tier List Cypher


Sage is the healer in a group of fighters. Her healing abilities can give her and the team a huge added advantage when facing stiff competition. Moreover, she can also resurrect a  teammate during the match, making her a definite MVP. In addition, this Sentinel from China also has the ability to affect her environment. She can close areas off or shoot down the enemies’ defenses by taking down their walls.

Valorant Agents Tier List Sage


A great Agent for team plays, this Russian Initiator has a number of useful abilities. In fact, players are just getting to learn the amount of versatility, Sova can provide. His drones prove very useful for scouting and his recon darts provide scouting angles previously unattainable in Valorant. However, using this Agent does require a fair bit of skill and practice. Be ready to grind a few hours learning how to optimize this Agent’s abilities.

Valorant Agents Tier List Sova


Great Agents that can cause quite a lot of wreckage in the hands of experienced players.


The American Controller Viper has really come up in the ranks since her initial introduction in Valorant. She can prevent enemies from defusing for almost 13 seconds if players know how to utilize her. Her forte is controlling the battlefield with a combination of poisonous chemical devices and mind games.

Valorant Agents Tier List Viper


The nature-loving Skye is an Australian Initiator that packs a decent punch. Her abilities to heal as well as distract the enemies with her creations makes her a great Agent to break onto sites. While she was almost at the bottom of the barrel earlier, she is steadily climbing the ranks as players learn more about her playstyle.

Valorant Agents Tier List Skye


Astra is the perfect example of hard work paying off. The Ghanaian Controller is one of the hardest Agents to control in this Valorant tier list. However, she does have a very strong utility and Ultimate. In addition, her suck ability can delay enemy pushes and help with coordinated attacks. She can pull in enemies with her Gravity Well and concuss them with the Nova Pulse. Players will need a bit of experience to get this Agent’s best game. It is about trying to draw out her best game while overcoming the cons. Her cooldown abilities prove a little difficult for inexperienced players. Players cannot fight back while in the Astral Form making the Agent quite vulnerable.

Valorant Astra


Killjoy is the German Sentinel, who is great at both defense and offense. Using her inventions to stop enemies in their tracks, this Agent is a good addition to a team.



The newest Agent to arrive in Valorant, Chamber is as yet quite untested. While in first looks, his abilities look to match up those of Jett, time will tell if Chamber truly is all he’s being chalked up to be. He does excel at long range and has the evasive style to startle his enemies but there have been a lot of Agents that arrived with a lot of hype but couldn’t live up to it. The French weapons designer has a lot to prove and we hope that he exceeds all expectations.

Valorant Agent Chamber


These Agents provide quite the challenge to win with. Experienced players can still dominate the game with them but these are definitely lower on the ranking pole.


Brimstone is a weaker Controller in Valorant as he has quite a few negatives going for him. First, his loud footsteps make him terrible at stealth and almost always give away his location. Moreover, he is limited to 3 smokes and his stim beacon is weak when compared to other Controller Agent abilities.

Valorant Agent Brimstone


KAY/O has struggled to impress players in Valorant so far. While his latest patch has buffed his utility viability and his ultimate, he still has a long way to go before he moves up the ranks.

Valorant Agents KayO


Yoru is a recent addition to the Valorant Agents Tier List. However, his kit lets the Japanese Duelist down. Moreover, it is easy to dodge his flashes, and with his loud teleport, he proves to be an easy target. While his Ultimate does prove useful for gathering intel from behind the enemy lines, it is not enough to rank this Agent any higher in the list.

Valorant Agent Yoru

This is the complete tier list of Valorant Agents that will help you select the agent you want to play with next. For more Tier Lists of your favorite games, check out Games Adda’s Tier Lists.