World Flipper Tier List (2023) – All 4 & 5 Star Characters Ranked

Want to know the best characters in World Flipper and play strong since the start? Here is our World Flipper Tier List.

World Flipper has just launched and we are looking forward to so making a World Flipper Tier List. According to the developers, this game is a mixture of pinball mixed with fantasy worlds, combat, and a game where you can build your own team with characters.

Since the game has only just been announced for a global release, it is very less likely that all the characters from the Japanese version will be launched at the same time. We’re making a World Flipper Tier list of all the 5 stars and 4-star characters that you need to look out for and also will give you a mini reroll guide.

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World Flipper Tier List – All 4 and 5 Star Characters Ranked

  • SS Class: These characters are the strongest and have super strengths. You don’t even need to reroll if you get one of these.
  • S Class: These are good characters, if you already have some SS Class characters, keeping these wouldn’t be the worst thing.
  • A Class: These characters have certain strengths and some weaknesses. You can definitely play with these heroes.
  • B Class: These characters are good but if you don’t have any SS or S class characters, reroll.
  • C Class: These characters are okay however there are better characters out there
  • D Class: These are the weakest 4-star characters. It’s best to reroll to grab a 5 star.

All characters have elements to them like

  • Light
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Thunder
  • Wind
  • Dark
SS TIER Veron Dark 5 Star
Wagner Fire 5 Star
Silty Wind 5 Star
Phillia Wind 5 Star
Nephtim Light 5 Star
Mia Wind 4 Star
S TIER Amelia Water 4 Star
Cagliostro Thunder 5 Star
Clarisse Fire 5 Star
Alice Water 4 Star
Sonia Water 5 Star
Suizen Water 5 Star
A TIER Lunalu Thunder 4 Star
Inaho Thunder 5 Star
Ecreel Light 5 Star
Lanner Water 4 Star
Bercetia Dark 5 Star
Azel Fire 4 Star
B TIER Shiro wind 4 Star
Leon Wind 5 Star
Murakumo Wind 5 Star
Liam Dark 4 Star
Regis Thunder 4 Star
Marinne Dark 4 Star
Arisa Wind 4 Star
C TIER Marina Fire 5 Star
Lazelt Light 5 Star
Alm Dark 4 Star
Eliya Light 4 Star
Finn Light 4 Star
Asukirimaru Fire 4 Star
Rams Thunder 4 Star
Orouru Wind 4 Star
D TIER Andy Dark 4 Star
Arc Fire 4 Star
Bianca Fire 4 Star
Dear Light 4 Star
Elanor Thunder 4 Star
Mercel Wind 4 Star
Mino Thunder 4 Star
Sharon Water 4 Star
Rizelle Water 4 Star
Hanabi Fire 4 Star
Helga Wind 4 Star
Jay Thunder 4 Star
Jelal Light 4 Star
Kira Light 4 Star
Yuel Water 4 Star
Soushiro Wind 4 Star


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How to Reroll Characters in World Flipper?

If you want to get a different character, you can reroll for a better character. Here is how you can reroll.

  1. Start the game and go through the tutorial.
  2. Name your account
  3. Use 1,500 Lobestar Beads to pull the beginner banner.
  4. Use any rewards you get for pre-registration
  5. If you don’t like the results you got, go to the main menu and delete your account.

You can repeat these steps until you get your desired characters. We hope you enjoyed this World Flipper Tier List. While you are here, you might like to take part in World Flipper Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.