Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List (November 2021)

Here's the most reliable Risk Of Rain tier list.

Risk Of Rain 2 is the hardest game that lives up to its reputation. This third-person survival game, especially for newcomers, may be frightening. Massive enemy waves and frantic battles are part of the game’s challenge.

As a result, it’s essential to choose the survivor right from the start. Controlling one from the start makes the game easier to handle, and you’ll have a more interesting time. To help you in your decision this Risk of Rain 2 tier list is curated keeping in mind their toughness and effectiveness.

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List – November 2021

The characters are ranked best (tier S) to worst (tier D) considering both the runs, solo & group. Make sure to try and select the top-tier characters only while lowes tier characters shouldn’t be paid any attention.

Tier S

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier S list characters are the toughest in any given situation. They are designed to survive any damn thing. You must choose them blindly.

  • Engineer – Best in any challenge, best boss bustler.
  • MUL-T – Can handle multiple equipments, best tank, deals higher damage.

Tier A

Tier A characters may not be as competitive as Engineer of MUL-T but definitely worth all the efforts. Select them and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Huntress – Highest damage dealer, amazing mobility.
  • Loader – Highest mobility, boss bustler, tanky.
  • Artificer – Huge damage dealer, AOE attacks.

Tier B

Risk Of Rain Tier B list characters are workable and might help you in some cases but not every time. If you are a seasonal player you can prefer and master these survivors.

  • Captain – Utility
  • Rex – Weakens enemies, maintains HP.
  • Acrid – AOE attacks, boss buster, tanky.
  • Mercenary – Highly mobile, deals great damage.

Tier C

Tier D has only one survivor which isn’t worth your time & efforts. Don’t use this character.

  • Commando – Basic, all-in-one.

This was the definitive Risk Of Rain 2 tier list to assist you in making the best decision. Since you are here do not miss My Hero Academia – The Strongest Hero Tier List.