My Hero Academia (MHA): The Strongest Hero Tier List (Jan 2022)

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It is typical for anime fans to explore and enjoy anime content in whatever manner they can. Whether it’s manga, TV shows, or even video games.  My Hero Academia (MHA), originally a Japanese manga series, has been translated into television shows and, more recently, video games.

The new edition, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has been rolled out in several countries just today. Establishing a strong team is the only way to win any action RPG and this new release is no exception. Since the game is new, many players, like you, are clueless about the hero hence ended up here. Thankfully, to help you, here’s the MHA: The Strongest Hero tier list assembled carefully.

MHA: The Strongest Hero Tier List – 2022

This is your chance to play as your favorite anime hero. Bring in the oddity of Deku to the fight. With your friends, defeat enemies such as Hero Killer Stain. In this intensely fun and challenging game, you’ll discover a lot more. But all this is possible only when you have the right heroes on your side.

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This is where the below MHA: The Strongest Hero tier lists will help you amazingly. All you have to do is assemble a team of top-tier heroes and you are done. The heroes are assigned tiers based on how much value they offer. Let’s proceed.

Tier S

Tier S-heroes are the most powerful. Make them your primary pick and do everything you can to get them on your side. Crushing Villains and enemies is not a biggie when you have them on your side.

  • Eraser Head
  • Deku
  • Tokoyami

Tier A

Tier A heroes may not match up the abilities and strength of Tier S heroes but it doesn’t mean they are any less valuable. They do offer the best results and having them on your team is an honor.

  • Red Riot
  • Todoroki

Tier B

The tier B list of MHA: The Strongest Hero is made up of mediocre heroes. They can be mastered and used once you have a good grip on the game. Before then, avoid having them in your team.

  • Yaoyorozu
  • Urakara
  • Kaminari

Tier C

Tier C heroes are listed so that you know who should not be included when assembling a team. Heroes in this tier are completely useless and worthless. Simply ignore them.

  • Bakugo
  • mineta
  • ingenium

You now have a good idea of who the best bets are in the game. If you find this MHA: The Strongest Hero tier list helpful, then check out more tier lists like this here.