Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List (April 2022)

It costs 1,000 Diamond to enchant pets in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is a cute simulation game that allows players to buy eggs and raise pets. Players can get any variety of pets from an inconspicuous sheep to an Alien Parasite. While Legendary and above Tier Pets automatically have Enchants in the game, players can also Enchant pets below Mythical Tier with the help of the Enchanting Circle located in the Fantasy World. This costs 1,000 Diamond in Pet Simulator X. However, all Enchants are not the same in the game. Today, we will discuss all the enchantments available in the game and detail them in this Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List.

Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List


There are three types of enchantments available in Pet Simulator X. While Pets can have 2 enchants, Mythicals can have up to 3 enchants in the game. Moreover, if players have an Exclusive Pet they can have 4 enchants. Let us take a look at all the enchants below.


Standard Enchantments


These have a single tier of buff percentage. Players cannot increase these beyond one tier.

Enchantment Description
Charm Increases the chance of receiving a Bonus
Teamwork Pets do 15% more damage working together
Super Teamwork Pets do 30% more damage working together

Tiered Enchantments


These can get up to five tiers of increased buff percentages.

Enchantment Description
Agility Increases pet speed
Chest Breaker Increases pet damage against Chests
Coins Increases the amount of coins earned
Diamonds Increases the amount of gems earned
Increases the amount of rewards earned from gift boxes
Strength Increases pet damage
Fantasy Coins
Increases the amount of Fantasy Coins earned

Unique Enchantments


The most unique enchants on this Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List, they either hatch from an egg or from an enchantment roll.

Enchantment Description
Glittering Pet will spawn gems at random
Magnet Pet will collect orbs for the player
Pet earns +100% Strength, +100% Gems, +100% Agility


That is all the enchantments available in pet Simulator X. For more Pet Simulator X, see Pet Simulator X Value List Roblox 2022