Roblox Pet Simulator X Value List (December 2021)

Here is a list of all the pets in Pet Simulator X that you can trade and get a lot of money in the game.

There are a lot of pets in Pet Simulator X that you can obtain by egg hatching. There are two types of pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X . We can name them domestic animals (Eg. Dog, Cat) or wild animals (Dinasour, Tiger) that you can get from hatching eggs in the game. What pet you will get in Pet Simulator X is completely depends on your luck as it isn’t fixed who will get what.

The best way to earn money in Pet Simulator X is by trading all your pets at a good price and getting a lot of in-game money. You can collect this money and use it later for various purposes in the game to improve your gameplay. Check out this list of all the pets and their value to trade them at their best rates. This will get you maximum money.

All Pets In Pet Simulator X and Their Value (Pet Sim X Value)

Here is a list of all pets available in Pet Simulator X and the amount at which you can trade them to earn in-game money. Go through the list before you buy or sell your pet in the game to not miss out on a penny!

Pet  Money
Dog 275 Coins
Cat 275 Coins
Bunny 275 Coins
Bear 12,500 Coins
Cow 450 Coins
Fox 450 Coins
Dalmatian Coins
Raccoon 12,500 Coins
Dragon 15,00,000 Coins
Turtle 1,75,000 Coins
Ducky 1,10,000 Coins
Ugly Duckling 6,250 Coins
Flamingo  6,250 Coins
Shark 6,250 Coins
Hydra  6,250 Coins
Monkey 35,000 Coins
Tiger 35,000 Coins
Parrot 35,000 Coins
Dino 35,000 Coins
Immortuus 35,000 Coins
Mortuus 35,000 Coins
Polar Bear 80,000 Coins
Penguin 80,000 Coins
Seal 80,000 Coins
Mystical Fox 80,000 Coins
Snowman 80,000 Coins
Phoenix 2700 Robux


Collect as many pets as you can from egg hatching and sell them at a good price after referring to the table above. This is everything you need to know about the Pet Sim X Value list in Pet Simulator X.

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