How To Unlock Thumper Weapon/Grenade In COD Mobile?

Want to get a thumper weapon in COD Mobile, then check this out.

Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile has launched a whole new event on the occasion of Halloween that players can participate in and win gifts. The event is live and going to be there for two more weeks until the end of COD Season 9. There are a lot of rewards, weapons, cash coins, etc that players can win by completing small missions in the game.

If you want to get a Thumper Grenade or a Thumper weapon in COD Mobile then you are in right place. Here is a stepwise guide for you to get a Thumper Grenade and many more rewards in the game.

COD Mobile: How To Unlock Thumper Grenade?

unlock thumper weapon in COD Mobile

There are two ways to get a Thumper Grenade in COD Mobile. Either buy a legendary blueprints Unhinged Jokester draw or free-to-play players can complete the Seasonal Challenge ‘Outta the Way!‘ and unlock a thumper grenade for free.

Here is a list of missions that players have to complete in order to get a thumper grenade for free in COD Mobile.

  1. Play 5 multiplayer matches
  2. Kill 5 enemies with any lethal equipmentKill 10 enemies with any pistolEarn the Bloodthirsty medal five times in multiplayer matches
  3. Kill 30 enemies with the Martyrdom perk equipped
  4. Win 3 matches with any shotgun equipped with any five attachments
  5. Kill 30 enemies with the Amped perk equipped

Complete these missions and unlock the thumper weapon for free in COD Mobile.

What Is A Thumper Weapon?

A Thumper Weapon or Thumper Grenade is a regular grenade in Call Of Duty Mobile. It is not as strong as other weapons that you can use for all battles and matches. Thumper does not have that much effect or does not help us to deal enough damage during the matches. It can be a good choice to clear out the hills or domination flags but not when you want to kill your enemy in one go!

Therefore we suggest you not waste your time behind this Halloween-themed weapon and go for the other missions and matches to win rewards in the game.

Here we come to an end for a guide to unlock a thumper weapon in COD Mobile. For more guides on COD click here on this link and get all the information in the game.