Panilla Saga: Best Characters Tier List (2023)

Want to know which are the best characters in Panilla Saga? Check out this tier list.

Panilla Saga is a retro idle game with lots of characters to obtain. This game works on a gacha system where you have to roll for characters. If you’re wondering which one is the best, this guide is for you. In this guide, we have arranged the best characters in Panilla Saga in a tier list. All you have to do is refer to this list and add the characters to your party to emerge victorious.

Best Characters in Panilla Saga Tier List – 2023

Panilla Saga Tier List

Here you will find the best characters in Panilla Saga in this tier list. We have arranged this list in ascending order so that you can easily refer to it. Tier S is the apex tier and D is the lowest tier. Find the characters below in the table where they are put in different tiers.

Also, keep in mind that the tier list is prepared on the basis of gameplay and experience of the player and it is subjective to every player.

Tier  Characters
S Ostara, Arthur, Aurora, Hegomi, Mist, Turpin, Ingemier,
A Hydra, Lawrence, Skogul, Oboro, Goll, Molliere, Delilah, Oswell,
B Ingrid, Anastasia, Geironul, Oliver, Haya, Nancy, Katarina, Hypnos
C Elena, Beo, Moira, Mortimer, Kaguya
D Yuugao, Yexin, Andrew, Nue, Loga

These are the best characters in the game. Check if you have some of these characters listed here and if you don’t find them, keep grinding and rolling for new characters. If you’re not happy with the characters that you’ve collected, you can always reroll and get the desired characters. Add powerful characters to your team and defeat the enemies in the game. This is all you need to know about the best characters in the Panilla Saga tier list.

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