Dolphin Wave: Best Characters Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best characters in Dolphin Wave? Check this Tier List.

Dolphin Wave is an adventure, racing, and role-playing game where you have to compete with opponents and win. In this game, there are various characters that can be obtained through the gacha system. You have to make a team of the available characters and participate in a Jetski race. If you’ve powerful characters, your chances of winning are high. Well, you can take a look at the best characters in Dolphin Wave in this tier list.

Go through this guide and you will learn what characters are the best and you can race your opponents to victory.

Best Characters in Dolphin Wave Tier List – 2023

Dolphin Wave Tier List

We have covered the best characters in Dolphin Wave by arranging each character in this tier list. In this list, Tier S is the apex tier and Tier D is the lowest. Also, keep in mind that this Tier list is prepared on the experience of the player and it can be subjective to every player.


Tier  Characters
S Iruka Sakiyama, Minami Kurose, Hayate Souma, Schnee Weissberg
A Michiru Tojo, Ellen Kazami, Anri Harunami, Yuri Kurenashi
B Hiori Nayuki, Utae Ayato, Shion Suminoe, Otsuki Hagane, Helly Lewis
C Phoenix Phenio, Kiri Izumi, Selena Lewis, Tomo Kukuri
D Mashio Murahaya, Kana Urami, Yume Yamaba, Veena

Now you know the tiers and strengths of the characters in the game. Check if you have the characters mentioned in the tier list and if so, make a party strong enough to win. In case you haven’t encountered some of the characters in the game, keep grinding and rolling for more characters. Also, you can reroll for the characters in the game if you’re not happy with the characters you have currently.

These are the best characters in Dolphin Wave arranged in this Tier list. Refer to this list while playing and do your best. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through other similar articles such as Alice Fiction Characters Tier List and Evony Best Generals Tier List.