League Of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List (November 2022)

Here's the role-wise LOL: Wild Rift tier list.

Wild Rift, a MOBA action-adventure title, is just a year old, which means it still has a lot of explorable content to offer. This real-time strategy game is known for its responsive controls, fast-paced challenges, competitive play with buddies, and awesome characters derived from the League of Legends. While not all of the LOL characters are introduced in the game, Wild Rift still has a broad roster. As a result, determining which meta champion is strong and reliable to lead the team becomes challenging. To assist you, I have created a role-based Wild Rift tier list. Let’s get started.

Wild Rift Tier List – November 2022

For your ease, the Wild Rift tier list is categorized into five separate lanes. Lanes are further subdivided into five tiers, with S being the best, followed by A, B, C, and D being the poorest.

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I recommend choosing one Tier S champion from each lane because they have a great meta, are easy to play, and will eventually help you win the game.

Top/Baron Lane Champions

Tier Champion
S Camille
S Darius
S Wukong
A Fiora
A Garen
A Kennen
A Malphite
A Pantheon
A Teemo
B Dr. Mundo
B Jax
B Nasus
C Singed
C Tryndamere

Mid Lane Champions

Tier Champion
S Akali
S Galio
S Katarina
S Orianna
A Ahri
A Aurelion Sol
A Corki
A Diana
A Lux
A Yasuo
A Zed
B Fizz
B Pantheon
B Twisted Fate
B Ziggs
C Annie

Dragon Lane Marksman Champions

Tier Champion
S Kai’Sa
S Xayah
A Draven
A Ezreal
A Jhin
A Miss Fortune
A Jinx
A Tristana
A Varus
B Ashe
B Vayne
C  –

Dragon Lane Support Champions

Tier Champion
S Alistar
S Braum
S Lulu
A Janna
A Leona
A Nami
A Rakan
A Seraphine
A Sona
B Blitzcrank
C Soraka

Jungle Lane Champions

Tier Champion
S Evelynn
S Lee Sin
S Olaf
S Vi
A Amumu
A Gragas
A Shyvana
A Wukong
B Graves
B Jarvan IV
B Master Yi
B Xin Zhao

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That’s the Wild Rift tier list which you can refer to & rely upon to form a formidable unit.