League Of Legends (LoL) Tier List (May 2022)

With over 100 champions it can be difficult to choose the best 5 in LoL. Here's a Character tier list for League Of Legends Patch 11.12

League of Legends (LoL)is arguably one of the most popular games in the genre. While the format isn’t very different from other competitors it’s the massive variety of characters players can choose from that makes the game stand out. There are over 150 characters players can choose from to form their team of 5, this makes an LoL Tier list much needed.

Here is a detailed Tier list of all the playable characters in League Of Legends.


Legends Patch (LoL) Tier List – 2022

league of legends tier list

Characters are classified based on class, role, and tier in LoL. This can get confusing so as of now just focus on the three tiers S, A, and B with S being the strongest and B being the weakest.


Here’s the detailed character ranking for all LoL playable characters.

Tier S Characters In League Of Legends

Character Name Roles
Ezreal Bot
Shaco Jungle
Darius Top
Xin Zhao Jungle
Kassadin Middle
Camille Top
Katarina Middle
Lulu Support
Sett Top
Leona Support
Kha’Zix Jungle
Wukong Top
Lee Sin Jungle
Riven Top
Fiddlesticks Jungle
Evelynn Jungle
Fiora Top
Vladimir Middle
Senna Support
Zed Middle
Kayn Jungle
Yuumi Support
Viego Middle
Anivia Middle
Shen Top
Malzahar Middle
Malphite Top
Thresh Support
Talon Middle
Vayne Bot
Fizz Middle
Aatrox Top
Rammus Jungle
Diana Middle
Draven Bot
Zac Jungle
Jax Top
Nasus Top
Urgot Top
Tristana Bot
 Dr. Mundo Top
Zac Jungle
Yasuo Middle
Zilean Support
Kindred Jungle
Rumble Middle
Blitzcrank Support
Kog’Maw Bot
Kled Top
Kayle Top
Shaco Support
Elise Jungle
Rumble Middle


 Tier A Characters In League Of Legends

Character Name Role
Pantheon Middle
Jhin Bot
Nocturne Top
Morgana Support
Corki Middle
Galio Middle
Annie Middle
Sylas Middle
Ahri Middle
Jinx Bot
Janna Support
Ekko Middle
Nautilus Support
Lee sin Middle
Samira Bot
Zyra Support
Rek’Sai Jungle
Sett Middle
Kayle Middle
Ornn Top
Maokai Support
Singed Top
Warwick Jungle
Bard Support
Malphite Middle
Garen Top
LeBlanc Middle
Yasuo Bot
Soraka Support
Lux Middle
Karthus Jungle
Sona Support
Quinn Top
Nunu &Willump Jungle
Master Yi Jungle
Aurelion Sol Middle
Ashe Bot
Nami Suppport
Swain Bot
Poppy Top
Gwen Jungle
Rengar Top
Rumble Top
Diana Jungle
Ziggs Middle
Lissandra Middle
Pantheon Top
Ziggs Bot
Veigar Bot
Miss Fortune Bot
Qiyana Middle
Vel’Koz Middle
Wukong Jungle
Braum Support
Sivir Bot


Tier B Characters In League Of Legends

Character Name Role
Trundle Jungle
Neeko Middle
Tryndamere Middle
Vladimir Top
Heimerdinger Top
Ivern Jungle
Cassiopeia Middle
Rakan Support
Taliyah Jungle
Vi Jungle
Morgana Jungle
Ekko Jungle
Xerath Support
Tryndamere Top
Skarner Jungle
Taric Support
Garen Middle
Volibear Jungle
Illaoi` Top
Twitch Bot
Pyke Support
Yorick Top
Jarvan IV Jungle
Jax Jungle
Senna Bot
Mordekaiser Top
Seraphine Middle
Teemo Top
Mordekaiser Jungle
Gragas Jungle
Amumu Jungle
Sejuani Jungle


This was the detailed character tier list for all the playable characters in League of Legends. Do check out our article for the complete Alchemy stars Tier List.