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Alchemy Stars Character Tier List & Reroll Guide (January 2023)

Tier list and reroll guide will help you start Alchemy Stars with the best heroes. Here's the character tier list & reroll guide for the game

Alchemy stars is a new anime RPG where players can choose from a wide variety of characters. With the chosen character you will have to grind through the vast story mode divided into various levels in Alchemy Stars. In our Alchemy Stars tier list, we have ranked all the playable characters available in the game.

Alchemy Stars Characters Tier List – January 2023

Characters in Alchemy stars are divided into three tiers S, A, and B with S being the strongest and B being the weakest. The game has been released in 4 versions, Korean, Japanese, SEA, and Global. Some Alchemy Stars characters are available in Korean but not in the global while some are available in the global version and not the Korean version and so is the case with other versions. This tier list is as per the global version and not any other versions.

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S Tier Alchemy Stars Characters

Name Of Character Elemental Power
Eicy Fire
Hiiro Forest
Gronru Thunder
Gabriel Forest
Irridon Thunder
Charon Fire
Raphael Water
Sharona Water

A Tier Alchemy Stars Characters

Name Of Character Elemental Power
Sariel Water
Mia Thunder
Wrath Thunder
Midgard Forest
Uriel Fire
Nikinis Forest
Jona Fire

B Tier Alchemy Stars Characters

Name Of Character Elemental Power
Connolly Water
Carleen Water
Michael Thunder
Victoria Fire
Bethlehem Water

How To Reroll In Alchemy Stars?

  • To reroll in Alchemy stars you will need to a have a spare Gmail account handy
  • Launch the game and on the start screen after selecting the country server you will see a “logout” button on the top left.
  • You can find the sign out option in the settings menu as well
  • Sign out and log in using your spare or burner account and you will be able to start the game from scratch

This was our tier list for Alchemy stars. The tier list is very subjective and based on our own experience with the game so some of you might disagree with this as well. The striking feature is how you can change the appearance of your character and the unique elemental abilities of each character

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