King Of Ninjutsu Codes List Wiki (January 2023)

Codes can get you gold, coins and all in-game items fore free. Here's a list of codes for you to use in King of Ninjutsu and get free rewards

King of Ninjutsu is a new action game where your character will have to go village to village to kick-ass and progress further in the game. While that’s how most of the anime games are this one has something special, it has characters from the world of Naruto. There are several items you can buy and character you can unlock either by grinding through the game or by using codes. Here is a list of codes for you to use in King of Ninjutsu.

Here Are All The Codes For King Of Ninjutsu

We have prepared two separate lists as codes get introduced and expired quickly in such games.

king of ninjutsu codes
King Of Ninjutsu Active Codes

As of now, there are no active codes for the game. We will be updating this article as soon as new codes are introduced so keep visiting it frequently.

King Of Ninjutsu Expired Codes

  • FB20210508 :- Use this code to get 200x gold, 10x Lvl 1 steel blocks, 200000x bronze coins, 3x universal crystal.
  • win999:- Use this code to get 288x gold, 10x magatama exp stone, 100000 bronze coins.
  • hy6666:- Use this code to get 188x gold, 10x star-up stone, and 300x beast soul.
  • ramen999:- Use this code to get 188x gold, 10x ninja tool exp stone, and 2x rose.
  • win8888:- Use this code to get 188x gold, 300x beast soul, and 3x soul.
  • YRJ6666:- Use this code to get free in-game items.

How To Redeem Codes In King Of Ninjutsu

  • Launch the game and on the top right, you will a “benefits” button. There are a lot of options so finding this can be tricky.
  • Click on the “benefits” button and click on the codes button. You will find it on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on the “codes” button and enter the codes in the textbox.
  • After entering the code press the “claim pack” button.

How To Get More Codes For King Of Ninjutsu

Codes for the game are introduced by the developers of the game. You can follow QPKIUMI GAME TT ( the developers) on their Twitter, Discord and other official social handles to get all the latest codes. We will also update this article regularly so bookmark it and keep an eye on it.

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