Knighthood: Tier List Best Heroes Guide (2023)

Want to know about the best heroes in Knighthood? This guide is for you.

Knighthood is an action role-playing game where you have to defeat enemies in turn-based gameplay. You have to form a team of heroes and battle opponents to clear levels. As there is a plethora of heroes to pick from, players tend to get confused while making their teams. Thus, we have prepared Knighthood best heroes tier list for your reference. If you’re facing the same problem, you can glance through this guide and take pointers to improve your gameplay.

Tier List of Best Heroes in Knighthood – 2023

Best Heroes in Knighthood Tier List

Here, we have mentioned the best heroes tier list in Knighthood. This list is divided into 5 tiers and is set in ascending order. The heroes placed in the S tier are more powerful and effective whereas the heroes in the D tier are negligible. Also, keep in mind that this list may be subjective to every player.

Tier Heroes
S Aeron
S Alder
S Balendu
S Doctor Flox
S Delphinia
S Titania
S Ericson
S Erinn
A Vordrai
A Isstara
A Lance
A Dlaf
A Herne
A Lanasa
A Logan
A Dvalin
A Tara
B Grax
B Anaara
B  Helmar
B Keera
B Pentatonix
B Rosalin
B Millicent
B Wormwood
B Lukin
B Tristan
C Krusa
C Grimm
C Lars
C Outis
C Ulfred
C Zalam
C Rhiannon
C Rokara
C Sola
C Balberith
C Nijuro
D Griz
D Zoe
D Ursula
D Viktor
D Cladis
D Neko
D Macleod
D Serra
D Gwen
D Blaine
D Ash
D Fahari

This list will not only help you in building a stronger team but also will guide you while investing in the heroes and upgrading them. So, you can only focus on the important heroes and spend your items wisely. This is all you need to know about the best heroes tier list in Knighthood.

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