Idle Arena Evolution Legends: Best Heroes Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the Top Tier heroes in Idle Arena Evolution Legends? Check out this guide.

Idle Arena Evolution Legends is an ARPG where you have to acquire new heroes by advancing through the levels. You have to build a team of powerful heroes to defeat enemies and earn rewards. Recruiting heroes for a team can be a tedious task. Thus, we’ve attempted to make it simpler for you with the help of our Idle Arena Evolution Legends best heroes tier list. You can glance through this list and learn about which heroes to scout for and add to your team.

Tier List of Best Heroes in Idle Arena Evolution Legends – 2023

Best Heroes Idle Arena Evolution Legends Tier List

Here, we have mentioned the best heroes tier list in Idle Arena Evolution Legends. This list is categorized into 4 tiers and is set in ascending order. The heroes included in the S tier are the top-tier heroes in the game, whereas the heroes placed in the C tier have considerable performance. Along with that, in this list, we have also mentioned the roles of heroes. Know about the roles to leave no stone unturned.

Tier Heroes Roles
S Vebulon Attacker
S  Succubus Supporter
S Erebus Attacker
S Fangrim Attacker
S Kronos Tank
S Ser Fenume Attacker
S Medusa Attacker
S Talion Attacker
S Mistarille Supporter
S Nord Tank
S Paloris Attacker
S Xarkon Supporter
A Arien Supporter
A Phlebos Tank
A Malastor Attacker
A Hexus Attacker
A Gymir Defense
A Aredhel Attacker
A Galiel Tank
A Pyrax Attacker
A Dominic Supporter
A Grishnar Chainsaw Tank
B Uvashti Attacker
B Heth Tank
B Qalrok Tank
B Brakelm Defense
B Centaur Vanguard Tank
B Regandor Tank
B Omegon Supporter
B Ungriol Tank
B Earwen Supporter
B Blood Queen Attacker
B Gray Dwarf Guard Tank
B Wind Rider Attacker
B Claw Jackal Attacker
C Aule Tank
C Tulkas Attacker
C Sparok Attacker
C Jaina Supporter
C Ikarus Supporter
C Lich Attacker
C Storm Bringer Supporter
C Aiolos Attacker
C Goblin Shaman Supporter
C Unicorn Supporter
C Flame Dungeon Defense
C Hellhound Attacker
C Skeleton General Tank
C Eye Of Hell Supporter

This was the best heroes tier list of Idle Arena Evolution Legends. It will not only help you in defeating enemies and claiming rewards but also guide you during upgrades. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through other similar articles such as NU Carnival Tier List and Magic ManaStrike Tier List.