Nu Carnival Tier List (2023)

These are the best characters of Nu Carnival.

Nu Carnival is a social simulation RPG. The game uses the Isekai concept where you, Eiden, get teleported to another magical world with various magical beasts, nobles, and other mysterious beings. There are not many characters, so you have to be picky while selecting them. That is why we went through all the characters and created this tier list of top Nu Carnival roles.

Tier List for Nu Carnival (2023)

Best Charcters Nu Carnival

S+ Tier – Olivine

Olivine CV: One Night Love. He is a holy priest that has spent his life in the temple and is a gentle conversationalist. His different roles are Prist Olivine, Sacred Teacher Olivine, Man of Good Olivine, Holy Confession Olivine, Aqua Bloom Olivine, Frosted Virtue Olivine, and Radiant Admiral Olivine.

S Tier – Morvay

Morvay CV: Natsumeda Yuto. He is a familiar created by Grand Sorcerer. He is an incubus who has three allies, Master Spy Morvay, Incubus Morvay, and Familiar Morvay.

A+ Tier – Yakumo (Nu Carnival)

Yakumo CV: Manaka Sawa. The character has seven avatars. Timid Youth Yakumo, Model Citizen Yakumo, Ocean Breeze Yakumo, Cocoa Liqueur Yakumo, Shadow Serpent Yakumo, and Crimson Phantom Yakumo.

A Tier – Quincy

Quincy CV: Oshima Tetsu.  This character has seven avatars. Arctic Warden Quincy, Buckeye Miracle Quincy, Distant Promise Quincy, Ancient Ceremony Quincy, Forest Guardian Quincy, Outcast Quincy, and Hermit Quincy.

B+ Tier – Dante (Nu Carnival)

Dante CV: Hiiragi Santa. This character is a ruling Sun Lord of the Fire Territory’s Solaria. Currently, it has six avatars. Icy Equilibrium Dante, Blazing Sun Dante, Sun Lord Dante, Eternal Hanabi Dante, Vernal Successor Dante, and Ruler Dante.

B Tier – Garu

Garu CV: Kuroi Isamu. His territory is the Death Zone and he has six forms. Wild Wold Garu, Master’s Gift Garu, Human Conqueror Garu, Howling Banquet Garu, Wolf Pup Garu, and Howling Cyclone Garu.

C Tier – Edmond

Edmond CV: Muru Nimaigai. The character is part of the noble family and holds the position of Vice-Captain of Knights for the Klein Kingdom. Young Noble Edmond, Knight Edmond, White Lover Edmond, Knightly Night Edmond, Sweet Aroma Edmond, Elite Instructor Edmond, and Young Noble Edmond are his forms.

D Tier – Kuya

Kuya CV: Yotsuya Cider. He is a magical fox turned human. Fox Spirit Kuya, Fallen Leaves Kuya, Kitsune Dream Kuya, Foxy Rogue Kuya, Fox Spirit Kuya, Lakeside Spark Kuya, and Enchanted Fox Kuya are his avatars.

These are the best characters of Nu Carnival ranked in the tier list. Looking for more such lists. Check out Magic ManaStrike and Night Agent I’m the Savior.