Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List (July 2022) – PvP and PvE Modes

This Idle Heroes tier list will assist you in deciding on one hero to target and update to make the most of your resources.

Maxing out the best heroes Idle Heroes is a time-consuming process, so you must want to focus all of your efforts and valuable resources on heroes who will be worth it in the long run. As a result, we have created an Idle Heroes tier list ranking heroes in the game based on their skills, abilities and performances. But, before you proceed to the following tier list, you should be familiar with the tiers. But if you’re not, don’t worry, simply keep scrolling.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List – July 2022

Each character in Idle Heroes is issued a category, and here’s a brief breakdown of what each rank or tier depicts.

S Tier – Idle Heroes in the S tier list are what you should aspire for because they have the most potential and do incredibly well if included in your team.

A Tier – Tier A Idles Heroes should be your second priority. They are not as good as those in Tier A, but they do help you advance through the game more smoothly. Despite being above average, they are extremely powerful and effective.

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B Tier – If you’re searching for a particular skill set, tier B is a good place to start as just because they’re not super strong doesn’t mean they’re terrible. They are valuable and perform beautifully.

C Tier – The Idles heroes in tier C make a decent choice only at the beginning of the game since they are less potent and unworthy for the later part of the game. Eventually, you will end up replacing them as and when you progress in the game.

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D Tier – The heroes in D tier are the weakest and it is not advisable to invest your resources in them. You can neglect them totally.

Best Idle Best Heroes Tier List – PvE

The effectiveness of a hero in PvE (boss battles, Broken Spaces, Flame Shrine) revolves largely around maximizing the damage you will deal with 3-4 damage dealers in your group and 2-3 support heroes who will improve the damage of your damage dealers by breaking/reducing armour as well as increasing burn/bleed synergy and survivability.

Heart Watcher S+ Forest Assassin
2x Delacium S Abyss Mage
Drake S Dark Assassin
Garuda S Forest Warrior
Ithaqua S Shadow Assassin
Russell S Light Ranger
2x Skerei A Abyss Mage
Aspen A Dark Warrior
Belrain A Light Priest
Das Moge A Dark Ranger
Deathsworn A Shadow Mage
Delacium A Abyss Mage
Elyvia A Forest Priest
Emily A Fortress Priest
Gustin A Shadow Priest
Nakia A Abyss Assassin
Ormus A Fortress Priest
Sigmund A Fortress Warrior
Amen-Ra B Dark Priest
Amuvor B Dark Assassin
Asmodel B Light Warrior
Barea B Abyss Warrior
Carrie B Dark Ranger
Gerke B Light Priest
Horus B Shadow Warrior
Ignis B Abyss Mage
Kroos B Abyss Priest
Penny B Fortress Ranger
Rogan B Forest Ranger
Rosa B Forest Priest
Skerei B Abyss Mage
Tara B Light Warrior
Aida C Light Mage
Cthugha C Abyss Ranger
Dark Arthindol C Dark Mage
Faith Blade C Light Assassin
UniMax-3000 C Fortress Warrior
Xia C Fortress Assassin
Aidan D Shadow Mage
Baade D Shadow Warrior
Jahra D Shadow Mage
King Barton D Abyss Warrior
Michelle D Light Ranger
Mihm D Dark Mage
Starlight D Forest Mage
Valentino D Fortress Mage
Valkyrie D Forest Ranger
Vesa D Forest Priest

Best Idle Best Heroes Tier List – PvP

The greater emphasis on disruption and preventing proactive abilities of your enemy team is what you need to aim for in PvP as you would want to knock them down as effectively as possible. Here the support heroes will be rated high to help your team stay alive.

Scarlet Queen – Halora S+ Transcendence Ranger
Sword Flash – Xia S+ Transcendence Assassin
Amen-Ra S Dark Priest
Carrie S Dark Ranger
Rogan S Forest Assassin
Russell S Light Ranger
Sherlock S Fortress Mage
Drake A Dark Assassin
Ignis A Abyss Priest
Tix A Shadow Mage
Aida B Light Mage
Tara B Light Warrior
Inosuke B Fortress Ranger
Flora C Forest Ranger
Ithaqua C Shadow Assassin
Morax C Abyss Warrior
UniMax-3000 C Fortress Warrior
Delacium D Abyss Mage

That’s our perspective on the best Idle Heroes tier list, which you can use to introduce one to your team and make it super powerful and competitive.