Taptap Heroes Tier List: Best Heroes For This Month (November 2022)

Taptap Heroes tier list ranks the characters on basis of their strength, stats, and passives.

Taptap Heroes is the strongest RPG adventure story showcasing famous idle tapping gameplay with a creative touch and an influential art design immersive enough to capture you in a jiffy.

Establishing a powerful team of heroes is a must to compete in an exciting single-player campaign or form an alliance with others online to conquer potent bosses in iconic dungeon wars or defeat other players to gain popularity as an undefeatable force in the world of Taptap Heroes

However, forming a productive team is not that easy as you have to invest your valuable resources. With over 200 characters and 6 groups to decide from, an immense effort goes into creating your optimal seasonal warrior team. This makes you wonder which characters are worth your resources, and most essentially who will have a major impact on your favor.

Therefore, to make things easier for you we have carefully crafted this Taptap Heroes Tier list. Keep scrolling to build a powerful team of warriors.

Taptap Heroes Tier List – November 2022

Know the supremacy and versatility of Taptap heroes to make the right decision while assembling a squad. There are a few heroes who do exceedingly well, so when you manage to catch such heroes, you have to consider adding them to your unit.

Here’s the Tier list that starts with the best to worst heroes in Taptap.

Tier S

S Tier Heroes are powerful with sheer power and usefulness. You can confidently spend into all of these heroes; since they are guaranteed to help you make strides.

TapTap Heroes Tier List S
Hero  Class Faction
Phoenix Cleric Horde
Skuld Cleric Heaven
Freya Mage Hell
Mars Wanderer Heaven
Loreley Mage Elf
Drow Cleric Elf
Lindberg Assassin Heaven
Aegina Wanderer Undeed
Baal Mage Hell
Valkyrie Warrior Alliance

Tier A

A Tier list heroes are above average who do quite well performance-wise especially when you just have started playing the game. These are worth considering to spend resources on and besides several combos of heroes from this list could efficiently outshine Tier S heroes.

TapTap Heroes Tier List A
Hero  Class Faction
Shudde M’ell Cleric Undeed
Medusa Wanderer Horde
Saizou Assassin Alliance
Xexanoth Assassin Hell
Nameless king Warrior Heaven
Monkey King Warrior Hell
Mulan Wanderer Alliance
Scarlet Mage Horde
Chessia Wanderer Hell
Verthandi Cleric Heaven
den Assassin Undeed
Ultima Cleric Alliance
Luna Wanderer Elf

Tier B

B Tier list heroes can be good for a temporary period and after a while, you are bound to replace them.

TapTap Heroes Tier List B
Hero  Class Faction
Centaur Wanderer Elf
Lexar Warrior Horde
Blood Tooth Assassin Horde
Vivienne Cleric Alliance
Reaper mage Undeed
Vegvisir Warrior Elf
Ripper Assassin Undeed
Tesla mage Alliance
Dettlaff mage Undeed
Hester Cleric Undeed
Grand Warrior Elf
Saw Machine Mage Alliance

Tier C

C Tier list heroes are below average suited only at the beginning of the game. As you progress further they become useless.

TapTap Heroes Tier List C
Hero  Class Faction
Tiger King Warrior Elf
Samurai Assassin Alliance
Martin Mage Alliance
Rlyeh Cleric Horde
Gerald Wanderer Undeed
Olivia Mage Alliance
Werewolf Assassin Elf
Minotaur Warrior Horde
Wolf Rider Warrior Horde
Dziewona Assassin Undeed

Tier D

D Tier heroes are the worst in Taptap. They aren’t worth spending your resources so never consider them adding to your team.

TapTap Heroes Tier List D
Hero  Class Faction
Megaw Cleric Elf
Orphee Mage Elf
Wolnir Warrior Undeed
Abyss land Warrior Horde

Hope this list helps you choose a hero not just to occupy a particular slot, but also to offer you the best gameplay and potent skills.