Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List (July 2022)

This guide will show you how to effectively merge the abilities of Hero Wars best heroes to develop a solid team.

The core aspect of the fantasy RPG title – Hero Wars – is building an effective team if you want to do extremely well in the game. The game features an exhaustive character line-up, each with specific skills and playstyle, which makes it challenging or rather say confusing, to compose a perfect top-tier army.

With that in mind, we have created Hero Wars best heroes tier list, wherein we have ranked all the best heroes available in the game. Keep reading to the end to ensure that you make the right call.

Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List – July 2022

With too many heroes to pick from and too few resources to level them up, you’ll be considering which Hero Wars best heroes are worth your resources and precious time in the long run. This involves the ideal fusion of different hero classes to form a balanced unit.

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As a result, before I bring you the ultimate Hero Wars best heroes tier list, let me give you a quick rundown of hero classes.

Hero Classes

Here are the few essential character class and hero roles explained briefly:

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Character Class Hero Role
Tank Tank covers the teammates by standing in front of them and absorbing as much damage as possible.
DPS Damage per second calculates how quickly damage can be knocked out as well as high damage output.
Healer Since the key role of the healer is to keep their team buddies alive, they protects the DPS heroes all the while allowing the tanks to absorbs maximum damage.
Support Offers support to the team by buffing the teammates and debuffing the enemies.

Hero Wars Tier List – 2022

Here’s the full Hero Wars best hero tier list for 2021 outlining each hero’s potential in the game. The list rank starts from S (the strongest heroes) followed by A, B, C, & D (least powerful heroes). S tier heroes are what you should aim for and if you get unlucky with S then consider A. Tier B should be your last choice while Tier C & Tier D shouldn’t be considered at all.

Hero Rank Role Stats
Astaroth S+ Tank, Support Strength
Krista S+ Mage Intelligence
Lars S+ Mage, Control Intelligence
Aurora S Tank Strength
Celeste S Healer, Control Intelligence
Jorgen S Control, Support Strength
K’arkh S Warrior Agility
Martha S Support, Tank Intelligence
Yasmine S Warrior Agility
Andvari A Support, Control Strength
Cleaver A Tank, Control Strength
Dorian A Support Intelligence
Heidi A Mage Intelligence
Helios A Mage, Support Intelligence
Isaac A Support, Control Agility
Jhu A Marksman Strength
Keira A Marksman Agility
Lian A Mage, Control Intelligence
Maya A Healer, Mage Intelligence
Nebula A Support Agility
Orion A Mage Intelligence
Sebastian A Support Agility
Alvanor B Support, Mage Intelligence
Cornelius B Mage, Support Intelligence
Corvus B Tank Strength
Elmir B Warrior, Marksman Agility
Faceless B Mage, Control Intelligence
Fox B Marksman Agility
Galahad B Tank Strength
Jet B Support, Healer Intelligence
Peppy B Mage, Support Intelligence
Qing Mao B Warrior Agility
Rufus B Tank, Support Strength
Satori B Mage Intelligence
Ziri B Tank Strength
Arachne C Warrior, Control Intelligence
Astrid and Lucas C Warrior, Marksman Agility
Dante C Marksman Agility
Daredevil C Marksman Agility
Ginger C Marksman Agility
Ishmael C Warrior Agility
Kai C Mage Intelligence
Luther C Tank, Control Strength
Markus C Healer, Support Intelligence
Morrigan C Healer, Support Intelligence
Phobos C Mage, Control Intelligence
Thea C Healer Intelligence
Artemis D Marksman Agility
Chabba D Tank, Control Strength
Dark Star D Marksman, Control Agility
Judge D Mage, Support Intelligence
Lilith D Tank, Control Strength
Mojo D Mage, Support Intelligence

Hero Wars Best Heroes – Strategic Teams

To save you even more time and effort, here is a recommended team of 5 heroes for you to consider:

Team/Skill Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4 Hero 5
Twins Martha Krista Jorgen Lars Astaroth
Shadow Elmir Daredevil Dark Star Jet Ziri
Critical Jet Jhu Nebula Sebastian Galahad
Synergy Dorian Astaroth Helios Orion Nebula

That’s our opinion on Hero Wars’ best heroes tier list, broken down into several categories.  Now there is no one who can stop you from battling this fantasy adventure game.