Gloomhaven Class Tier List: Best Classes Ranked (2023)

Find out which class to pick in Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven is a tactical, tabletop RPG hybrid game. It is a digital adaptation of the popular board game. Players have a total of over 22 Classes that players can choose to play as. However, players start with only 6 classes unlocked. They have to unlock the rest by making progress in the game. If players are wondering which class they should opt for, they will find this Gloomhaven class tier list helpful.

Gloomhaven Class Tier List


Before we dive into this tier list, we would like to say that choosing a class is a matter of personal opinion. A class that works well for one player might not be suited for another player. Therefore, this tier list is based on personal opinion and players should test out all the classes before deciding which one suits them the best.

We have ranked the classes from S to C tier. S Tier classes are over-powered to the point of sometimes feeling broken while C Tier Classes cn be quite a struggle for players to push forward.

S Tier

These classes are completely over-powered and can absolutely decimate competition in Gloomhaven. They are quite flexible and can deal a lot of damage to opponents. These are some of the best classes in the game.

  • Eclipse
  • Three Spears

A Tier

While not as OP as the S Tier, these classes are still way above average. They can give a splendid performance in a pinch.

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Mindthief
  • Sun
  • Music Note

B Tier

These classes are the average performers of the lot. They can give a decent performance with a player that know how to use them. However, players will definitely struggle more than the above two tiers.

  • Cragheart
  • Spellweaver
  • Cthulhu
  • Brute
  • Tinkerer
  • Scoundrel
  • Saw
  • Angry Face
  • Two-Mini

C Tier

These classes can be a handful. Players might want to switch to an easier and better performing class if they want to keep progressing through the game.

  • Circles
  • Triforce

This is the complete Gloomhaven Class Tier List. For more tier lists, check out Marvel & DC Battlegrounds Characters Tier List.