Girl Cafe Gun Tier List (January 2023) – All Characters & Dresses!

If you're trying to learn which is the best character, this Girl Cafe Gun tier list is for you.

Girl Cafe Gun is currently in closed beta 2 and preparing to go into open beta soon. We have this Girl Cafe Gun Tier list for you so that you can have an idea about the best characters and forms before the Open Beta comes out! Girl Cafe Gun is an ARPG game that also has 2D interaction and combat. It follows a story of an Outbreak of Lonus and you have to combine characters and bring girls together to fight the Archdemons. You can even run a cafe.

There are only 12 girls or characters in the game so far however, more might be released. The girls do have different dresses aka forms which can range from common to super rare.

The forms are something like these:

  • Casual
  • Tactical Equip
  • Maid
  • Valentine
  • Maple
  • Official Dress
  • Defiler
  • Training

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List – January 2023

We are going to give you a Tier List of the Characters in their best form ranked from S+ to C Tier.

  • S+ Tier: This character and form is a strong combination and is a must-have. These girls can cause immense damage to the enemy and are great for battle.
  • S Tier: These girls or characters can deal a very high amount of damage and are quite sustainable.
  • A Tier: These girls are moderately strong and can be stronger. These are not great for long-term gameplay and in later stages.
  • B Tier: These girls are okay for survival levels. You can use them if you have nothing better left.
S+ Tier Moon Casual
Irene Tactical Equip
Shi Wuxia Tactical Equip
Lida Maid
Shi Wuyou Maid
S Tier Moon Maid
Yuki Tactical Equip
Cornelia Casual
Shi Wuyou Casual
Lida Casual
Grainne Official Dress
Eksistere Valentine
Yuki Maid
A Tier Rococo Maid
Irene Maple
Grainne Casual
Shi Xiaozhen Maid
Eksistere Casual
Shi Wuxia Defiler
Juno Maid
B Tier Eksistere Maid
Grainne Maid
Cornelia Official Dress
Grainne Training Suit
Lida Tactical Equip
Rococo Casual

This is just a starter Girl Cafe Gun Tier List. We will keep updating it once the game updates and more details about weapons and dress rarity come out. You can also sign up for pre-registration for the Open Beta of the game and get lots of rewards! Sign up and check out the game trailer here.

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