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Era of Althea Race Tier List & Reroll Guide (2023)

Find out where the Magic users or sword wielding races rank.

Era of Althea is a fantasy role play Roblox game where players can create and level up characters as  they advance through their adventure. There are a few different races that players can pick in the game. Often, picking the right race can be crucial in determining a player’s performance. This is why we have put together this Era of Althea Race Tier List.

Race selection also influences the fighting style of a player. Players that want a magic heavy move set will want to go for an Elf. However, if weapons are more their style, players can opt for the Jakkon race. While players should pick the race they are most comfortable playing, there are some races that will give better performance than others. Keeping that in mind, let’s check out the best races to pick in Era of Althea.

Era of Althea Race Tier List


Picking a race often depends on what attributes players value the most. We have ranked the races from S to C-Tier based on our experience with them in the game. We would like to emphasize that this is a tier list based  on opinion and should  not deter players from trying out all the races in the game if they wish to do so. With that being said, let us check out the Era of Althea Race Tier List.



This race is the best for magic users and offers a Magic amount of 10 and also a Snap of 10. However, it falls a little behind of Strength.


This race also offers a good Magic amount with 7. Players also get a balanced level of Strength, Snap, and Cleverness with this race.



This is a good race to pick for players that prefer to go for the Warrior mode. It has the best Strength offered amongst all the races at 10. However, it only offers Magic amount, Snap, and Cleverness of 5.



This is an average race that can provide increased speed to players. However, it is not a well-rounded race when it comes to stats like Strength, Magical Amount, Snap, or Cleverness.


This race is for the Ravenclaws. It offers high Cleverness stats of 10 with below average stats for the rest of the attributes.



This race is a bit of a letdown. Players might want to switch to another race if they want to perform well in the game. There are no special attributes attached with this race and it has below average stats in all parameters.

How To Reroll In Era of Althea?

If players are not happy with the race they have gotten, they can spin to get a new one. However, players will require Robux to purchase an additional spin. Players can also use the Era of Althea Codes to get free spins in the game.