Era Of Althea Codes List Wiki (November 2022)

Here's a complete list of Era Of Althea codes and what they provide when redeemed.

Roblox is on a record-breaking spree and it has been named as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies in the world. The collaboration of the new Black Clover and Sword Art Online Crossover is made available on Roblox and there are players who have been searching for Era Of Althea codes.

If you too have been searching for the same then don’t worry, our list of Era Of Althea codes is the most updated one and it has all the latest and working codes that can be used in 2022. This post breaks down everything about Era Of Althea, including what it is, new codes, and how to use codes in the game.

About Era Of Althea

The official description of the game is as follows:

Era of Althea welcomes players who favor adventure and exploration. This game dives into a world where every person has the potential to become a great fighter. From achieving magic feats to battling dungeon dwelling foes, this world offers many trials of perseverance. Though the adventures may prove to be somewhat difficult, overcoming them will prove to be extremely fulfilling.

Dwellers of this Realm may progress by exploring the land and its secrets. Obtain items to better yourself in battle. Band together to form Guilds. There are many possibilities as to how you may endure these trials found within the realm of Althea.

Here Are All Roblox Era Of Althea Codes 2022

Similar to other Roblox game developer, the developer of Era Of Althea often drop new codes, providing an opportunity to get a lot of stuff at no cost. The only drawback of these codes is they have an expiration date, making it difficult for players to find the working codes.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of codes that can be used in the month of November. Notably, all Era Of Althea codes that we have provided here were active and working at the time of publishing this post.

Era Of Althea Codes (Working)

Here’s the complete list of Era of Althea codes and what they offer when redeemed:

  • BUGFIXGOCRAZY – Redeem this code for spins
  • NARUTOSTUFFINCOMING – Redeem this code for spins
  • BUGFIXES32 – Redeem this code for spins
  • SPIRITRACEUPD – Redeem this code for spins
  • NEWMAPUPDATEXD – Redeem this code for spins
  • UPDATEMAPNOW! – Redeem this code for spins
  • 55KLIKESTHANKYOU – Redeem this code for spins
  • OOpsAnotherProtmistake – Redeem this code for spins
  • SNAPCHANGESBYPROT? – Redeem this code for spins
  • RipUpd3! – Redeem this code for spins
  • Update3Hype!  – Redeem this code for spins
  • CRONGETINSTUDIO – Redeem this code for spins
  • JEFFTHERTERMINATED – Redeem this code for spins
  • SchoolIsBack!  – Redeem this code for spins
  • RobloxDown1! – Redeem this code for spins

These are all codes that can be redeemed right now. If you want to get more new codes before anyone else, bookmark this page because we will keep you updated with additional codes when they become available.

Era Of Althea Codes (Expired)

The following codes have been expired and can’t be redeemed this month.

  • MyApologies!
  • 25LIKES!
  • ShutdownforForFixesA!
  • AhwokenTwitter!
  • MaineEOA
  • AltheaHype!
  • ShutdownForFixes!
  • ShutdownForFixes2!
  • 15KLIKES!
  • EOA
  • 1500Likes
  • 3000Likes
  • 6000Likes2
  • TrueSupport!

How To Play Roblox Era of Althea?

Roblox Era Of Althea Codes

Before you head to Roblox, let me tell you that Era Of Althea can only be played on PC. Yes, it is yet to be made available for Mobile users. If you love playing fantasy video games then you must give it a try. The game takes you to a realm where everyone has the potential to become a warrior.

Once you transported to a realm, you will have to struggle a lot but the most difficult challenge you face the more rewards you will get. The only way to move further in the game is to explore the land and its secret.

Before heading to any battle, make sure you have a powerful weapon to defend yourself and cause damage to opponents.

How Do I Redeem Codes In Era Of Althea?

To redeem Era Of Althea codes, you will have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Launch the game on Roblox
  • Go into the menu and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Search for Redeem Codes option.
  • Type or paste the code into the text area
  • Hit the Redeem button.

Who Gives The Codes?

It is the creator of the game, who drops new codes. They usually release new codes when they achieve a new milestone or drop new updates. Since Era Of Althea codes are only released by the developer, make sure not to fall into the trap and visit any spammy code generator sites to get new codes. If the creator of the game gets to know that you are using code generators to obtain new codes, they might suspend your Roblox account.

How To Get More Codes?

There is no better way than following the developer of the game on DiscordTwitter, and Twitch. You can click on the Red links and find out whether they have dropped new codes or not. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on our site because we will keep you informed about additional codes when they are released.

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That’s all you need to know about Era Of Althea codes and how to play it on PC.