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[NEW] All Active Roblox Wisteria Codes List – April 2021

Keep scrolling to get access to all the working Wisteria codes as of April 2021.

Wisteria is a Roblox game built upon the Anime-Manga series Kimetsu no Yaiba which features breathing, demon Arts, slayer marks, multiple clans each with a unique breathing-style, and much more.

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And as a Wisteria player, you must desire to get your hands on free exciting in-game goodies the reason you were searching for Wisteria codes on Google and ended up landing here.

Luckily, we have assembled the right codes for you saving you some effort and time.

Wisteria Codes – Complete List

Roblox Wisteria

You can make the best use of these codes to score free and exclusive in-game stuff. Obtain a plethora of reroll codes, such as the nichirin color appearance reroll code or the horn reroll code.

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However, only a few codes are available for April 2021 so keep checking this post since I will update it as soon as they are made available.

Here Are All The Latest Wisteria Codes

These codes will help you customize your character uniquely and earn free treats. To make your character stick out from the crowd redeem the below codes:

Multiple codes expired.

  • !BreathReset – Redeem this code for a Breath reset (NEW)
  • !BDAReset – Redeem this code for a Blood Demon art reset (NEW)

Since these codes are case sensitive, make sure to type in the same way we have in our guide. Besides, these codes are acceptable only on private servers.

Wisteria Codes – Expired List

These codes are inactive and only provided to you for cross-checking purposes.

  • !2021DemonArt -Blood Demon art reset
  • !2021Breath – Breath reset
  • !DemonAppearance -Nichirin color/appearance reroll
  • !Christmas – Nichirin color/appearance reroll
  • !BDAReroll – Blood Demon art reroll
  • !BreathReset –  Breath reset
  • !10000WISHES – Haori reroll
  • !30000LIKES –  Face reroll
  • !1000FOLLOWS – Nichirin color reset
  • !25000LIKES –  Face, Eye, and Hair reroll
  • !SUBTOSAGEE –  Face reroll
  • !SUBTOVALEKIS – Face reroll
  • !20000LIKES – Haori reroll
  • !SUBTOINFERNASU – Blood Demon art reset
  • !SUBTOIBEMAINE – Breath reset

Wisteria Codes Redeem Steps

Redeeming codes in Roblox Wisteria is quite an easy and fast process. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Head to the upper left corner of the game’s screen.
  • Step 2: Search for a chat and open it.
  • Step 3: Copy pastes the codes in the chatbox.
  • Step 4: Press enter.

Now check if you receive a free reward.

Wisteria Roblox Play Guide

  • V = Equip Katana / Fists
  • W+W = Sprint
  • E = Breathe
  • F = Block
  • Q = Dash

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  • L = Stats Menu
  • M = Meditate
  • RMB when someone is shocked to attack heavily.
  • RMB while an opening thread is displayed for executing Demon.

This Wisteria Codes guide ends here. I hope they come in handy. You may also check other Roblox codes here.