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Roblox Jailbreak Codes Wiki List (November 2022)

Redeem the Jailbreak active codes for 2022 given in the article to get pets, coins, gems, and much more.

Jailbreak is a 2017 prison-escape game that is available for free on Roblox. A player’s target in this game rests on the team they join. A prisoner attempts to sneak out of jail and become a powerful criminal who steals shops and organizes heists such as the bank, the jewelry store, or even the museum. The police make constant attempts to hold the criminals in jail, arrest them, and prevent thefts.

The landscape of Jailbreak is huge, with lots of things to uncover. So, get immersed in Jailbreak’s adventures and make the most out of codes that, once redeemed, will help you exploit exclusive elements.

You get pets, products, coins, gems, and more with Jailbreak codes. They make sure that when other players effectively make more money than you, you don’t lag in the game.

Here Are All New Roblox Jailbreak Codes – November 2022

Roblox Jailbreak Codes (Working)

  • There are no active and working codes available at the moment.

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Roblox Jailbreak Codes (Expired)

These are all expired codes. You don’t have to fret if you have already used them as you’ll get your share of rewards. However, players who missed out must be alert if they want to enjoy the exclusive in-game features at free or cheaper rates.

Codes Rewards
Cargo  7,500 Cash
threeyears 10,000 Cash
onehour  25, 000 Cash
countdown 5,000 Cash
minimustang 10,000 Cash
feb2020 10,000 Cash
leaves  5,000 Cash
SuperReader 3,000 Cash
refreshed 7,500 Cash
jetmissiles 10,000 Cash
reachforthesky 7,500 Cash
Facebook1000 5000 Cash
test 1000 Cash
THANKYOU  2500 Cash
QUANTUM  5000 Cash
LIGHT  2500 Cash
ROYALE 1 Royale Token
MovieMint 6500 Cash
DISCO 7000 Cash
SickDay 8000 Cash
jailbreaktwoyears 8500 Cash
TenK 10,000 Cash

How To Redeem Jailbreak Codes In 2022?

In Jailbreak, redeeming your codes is not as easy as regular. You’re required to go to the bank, gas station, police station (the simplest one to use, just get started as a cop) or train station to find an ATM.

When one of these is discovered, you can drive straight to it and the below screen will be displayed:Jailbreak CodesTap on the “Enter code” button and enter one of the active codes mentioned above When you rightly entered the code, click the Redeem button and the reward will be granted to you!

How To Use Cash In Jailbreak?

New cars, weapons, and flying vehicles can be bought! There’s a wide collection of unique personalization options to be used for your character and vehicles.

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